Rushen - South Side Sales

Following the Act of Settlement , which came into force 1704, all sales, mortgages etc involving property had to be recorded - these were indexed in two groups - North and South Side Sales.

The Reference is the form needed to request the deed - North or South Side, Month (usually May or October) , Year and deed reference within that court.

Deeds (contracts etc) recorded pre 1723 are numbered in a different sequence - as Old Deeds, the sequence number does not reflect the date.

Contract = Marriage Contract (see there as many transcribed or summarised), Gift is usually a parent giving the land to a child, a settlement is usually an elderly parent passing the land onto the heir.

Note these are transcribed from a copy of a negative photocopy (white on black) in Manx Museum - the copy is not always easy to read and there will be several errors still to be corrected


  Reference           Vendor                         Vendee                         Notes
Old Deeds  1       Wm Gell                           Ellinr Curghy                  Contract
Old Deeds  2       Gilbt Waterson + John Comish      Jo Waterson + Ewan Kneale
Old Deeds  3       Hen Read Senr + Junr              Joney Kermode                  exchange         dated 30 Aug 1698;Henry Read snr(Rushen) + Henry Read nephew to sd Henry Read for consideration of 20s to  kinswoman Joney Kermode als read who surrenders the houses and tenement she now possesses in Fisgard and accepts a parcel of land now in occupation of Hen Read snr commonly known as Brays ? land (abt 1ac or 2 days plowing) + also the butts + liberty to use the mountain for ling;Witt Thos Kermott x, Wm Watterson x, Hen kermot x;court 1702
Old Deeds  4       Tho Quirk                         John Caveen                    sale             dated 29 nov 1692;Thomas Quirke(Ballagarmine, arbory) + wife ann als Waterson sell for 3 7s 6d to John Caveen(Rushen) 8th pt of a qtr of land adj Dan Calister oneast side, Hen Quaye on south and known as Kegs land (rent 5s 6d) + also parcel known as booley faile adj to Nich Corrin + Will Taylor(rent 8d);witt hump sudden x,Jo Parre, Jon Carin x, Jon Qualtrough x;court jun 1693 + also jun 1702
Old Deeds  5       John Crebbin                      Issa Corkill                   Contract
Old Deeds  6       Eliz Barry                        Hen Gawn                       sale             dated 9 nov 1709;Eliz Barry als Norris + consent dau Jane sells for 3 (sterling) to Henry Gawn(rushen) my tenement of Cregneaze lately purchased from Tho Cubbon (rent [blank]) - Gawn to graze Barry's sheep before allowing others.(note pre signing that Barry has convenanted with Rob Ratcliff shoemaker that he is to have half the sheep)witt Chareles Piggot, John Corrin x (both Elizth + jane sign + seal);court dec 1709
Old Deeds  7       Dan Waterson                      Kath Waterson                  Contract recorded June 1711
Old Deeds  8       John Waterson                     Margt Waterson                 Contract
Old Deeds  9       Wm Gell                           Gilbt Gell                     agreement        dated 15 jun 1710;recites that Wm Gell + wife Cath(late decd) had purchased Glan Shaft with intent that descend as inheritance to eldest son Gilbt but death of Cath prevented this - now agree bwtween Wm + Gilbt that Wm enjoys his own half and after decease shall descend as inheritance except small croft(1 days plowing) situate southward of dwelling house between it and the strand adj Fistard on east and lately inhabited by Thomas Waterson + adj field known as Boly Neddin. Gilbt to occupy mo's half and to pay consideration money to other children.agreements re cropping, sheep etc;witt Jon Caveen x, Daniel Callister;court june 1711
Old Deeds 10       Hen Waterson                      Wm Clague + Wm Corrin          [Sale 2/3 Cregneash - recorded May 1710]
Old Deeds 11       Wm Waterson + Hen Quay            Wm Gell                        sale             dated 3 feb 1699;Wm Waterson (+ wife Cath) + Hen Quay(+ wife Jony) sell for 11 5s to Wm Gell(Rushen) that tenemt known as Glansaust (rent 33s 1d)excepting two little crofts - neyedressaugh + the high croft(their rent 2s 6d);- the two crofts are to be held by Wm + Hen - if hen has no issue then his croft to join with estate (of Wm) - also that neither Wm or Hen can dispose of crofts.witt Dan Callister x, Hen Gawne x;court 1702
Old Deeds 12       John Keig                         George Mareer                  sale             [damaged rh margin lost]dated 14 jan 1709;John Keigge(arbory) + wife Jane als Kinvig sell for 2s 6d to George Mareer? miner? (rushen) a [garden] in Port Iron adj to house Geroge Mareer now lives in rent 1d;witt Will Bramwell, Jon Harrison
Old Deeds 13       James Linton                      John Cubbon, Kath Kermode + R  quit             [large sheet - folds obscure some + some damage along fold;dated [] Aug 1709;James Linton(Narronwater Co Down)  + wife Mary Linton als Norris, John Cubon + Ellinr als Kegg, Kath Kermode widow, Ro Carine + Issa als Kermode all of Crosh-e-Cally in regard that the sale of the premises unto precessors of 2nd paty  made by Mary when under age dated 27 jun 1694 (pre marriage) unto Hen Kermode + John Kegg;  15 to Lintons release, quit claim etc;all parties 'x' and seal;witt Wm Quilling, [lost]court july 1709
Old Deeds 14       John Kegeen                       Rich Carine                    sale             dated 2 jun 1709;John Keggen(rushen) + wife Joney als Read + ch John + Ann Keggeen sell for 45s to Richard Carin (Cregneze) a house + 2 gardens in Portlemorey known as Portlemorrey House (gardens called Michael's and Kegeen's gardens) rent 20d;witt John Crebbin x, Nich Corrin x, Wm Qualtrough;court may 1710
Old Deeds 15       Mary Norris                       Hen Kermode + John Keig        sale             dated 27 jun 1694;Mary Norris d/o James Norris + Jane Corrin?  being rt heir half qtr known as Crott-e-caley (rushen) rent 26s 8d sell to uncles Hen Kermott + John Kegg(both Rushen);witt Hen Corkish x, Tho Kermott x
Old Deeds 16       Tho Cubon                         Jo Barry                       sale             dated 18 may 1683;Thomas Cubbon(late of Cregneash) + wife Christian als Crobbin sell for 40s to Mr John Barry(Castletown) parcel of land in treen Cregneash known as Cregneash (rent 6s 10d);witt Jon Norris x, Wm Cubbon x, Jon Parr;Thos + christian x + seal;court jun 1683
Old Deeds 17       Hen Christian                     Eliz Christian als Hutchen     sale             dated 2 sep 1706;Henry Christian(Cranabeck, Rushen) 'not only sick but extream poor and in no wise able to manage or occupie my said farm' (rent 2s 8.5d adj John Cotter on one side + William waterson on other) sell for 2 13s to aunt Elizth Christian als Hutchin (to whom premises fall due as heirship after my decease);witt William Christian x, John Garrett;court June 1707
Old Deeds 18       Wm Corrin                         Dorothy Quayle                 Contract
Old Deeds 19       Wm Kinvigg                        John Cubon & Tho Kinvigg       sale             [note land in arbory]dated 21 may 1700;Willm Kinvig(ballakillpatric) + wife Catharin als Qualtrogh 'in regard of our present necessity and poverty'  sell for 7 8s to friends + kinsmen John Cubon ne hown(arbory) + Thomas Kinvig(rushen) our estate in Balleglianere ? in Arbory(rent 11s 9d);witt John Corris x, Tho Cubon(blesing) x, Hen Cowin ne hown x;court Nov 1701
Old Deeds 20       Wm Corrin                         Christo Bell                   sale             dated 5 jul 1708;Wm Corrin(Rushen) + wife Elizabeth sell for 6 3s (sterling) to Christo Bell(lonan) tenemt aclled Scard (3rd pt qtr land - double rent 19s);witt Wm Cubbon x, Wm Quilleash x, Jon Cubbon x;;1731: Eliz Corrin acks final 33s from Christo Bell;
Old Deeds 21       Fin Clucas                        Wm Costean Snr                 surrender        dated 14 feb 1706/7;recites dispute between Finlo Clucas(Rushen) + wife Isabel and their bro-i-law Wm Costean(Rushen) over a tenenmt of fourth pt of a qtr land(rent 2s 3d) now in possession of Finlo - to avoid further disputes Finlo to surrender 1/4 of sd tenemt;witt tho costean x, Wm Kinvigg x;court jun 1707
Old Deeds 22       Rich Corrin                       Mary Cubon                     Contract
Old Deeds 23       Pat Carine                        Rich Carine                    sale             dated 5 jun 1704;Patrick Carin(sorby Rushen) + wife Margt als Taylor  having the hereditary title to parcel land remore from my holdings sell for 10 (sterling) to cousin german Rich Carin(rushen) the tenemt of a half qtr of  BallyCarin in Howe(rent 21s 8d ) reserving only one field known as the Bregar(+ a reasonable way to water for convenience thereof)+ eithth part qtr of land called BalyMaddrel (rent 5s 4d);Witt Thos Stevenson, Henry Corkish, Robt Lowy x;court Jun 1704
Old Deeds 24       Mrs Barrey + Wm Stevenson         Tho Waterson                   agreement        dated 23 dec 1703;recites that Wm Kelly (rushen) sold Cregneash (rent 13s 8d) to Mr John Barry decd(castletown - late husb to sd Elizth Barry) for 31s by deed dated 26 feb 1682 but 30s as yet unpaid Eliz Barry now content to surrender + redeliver unto sd Wm Kelly and agreed to surrender to Wm Kelly who then for 24s sold to sd Tho Waterson by deed dated 1 Oct 1703 + eliz Barry finding several parcels of sd tenemt lying promiscously amongst those lands - Thomas waterson consents that Mrs Barry shall hold these parcels (maugher-e-ned or Ned's field, sown close, garymore(or great close) and Mrs Barry surrenders Close-noe e Cubbon, Gary begg e Cubbon + also Boaly Begg + Close noc e Kelly - if lands bought from Kelly be sold by Barry then Tho Waterson to have his own lands back.;witt Em Thompson, Wm Sedden; Alice Stevenson(Balladoole also signs) - Wm Kelly acks 24s;court June 1704
Old Deeds 25       Hen Waterson + Jo Corrin          Tho Waterson                   sale             dated 19 mar 1700/1;Henry Waterson + wife Jony and John Corin + wife Christian (all rushen)sell for 4 (of england) to friend Thomas Waterson(rushen) a parcel known as big-glat & Tore veg or cass boy lonny + the old walls adjoining to tenemt of foresd Hen + John lying adj to Will Gell on one side & Dan Collister & Will Waterson on other (rent 2s);witt Eilliam Waterson x, Will Gell x, John Garrett; other parties x + sealed;court may 1701;
Old Deeds 26       Hen Gill                          Ann Costean                    quit             [note land in Arbory] dated 6 nov 1705;recites dispute arisen between Henry Gell (rushen) + wife Margt and Ann Costean(arbory) re parcel of land in Arbory known as Costean's croft (rent 4d) - to avoid further dispute Henry Gell + wife quit claim for sum of 13s (sterling) from Ann Costean;witt Henry Harrison x, J Harrison;court May 1706
Old Deeds 27       James Waterson                    Ellin Callister                Contract recorded 22 January 1706/7
Old Deeds 28       Tho Gawne                         Jo Harrison                    sale             [note land in castletown]dated 30 jul 1707;Tho Gawn (Balefast Ireland) + wife Mary als Corrin sell for 3 9s to brother John Harrison(castletown)a house in Castletown known as John Gawne's house(rent 6d);witt Francis Ratcliffe, Edward Cottier, Gilbert Nelson;court Jun 1708
Old Deeds 29       Wm Corrin                         Issa Kermode                   Contract
Old Deeds 30       John Gell + Rich Taylor           Tho Quoat                      sale             [note land in Castletown][some damage + loss to rh margin] dated 25 nov 170[] ack'd May 1707;John Gell + wife Margt + Rich Taylor sell for 6 to Tho Quoat(castletown) our dwelling house + garden + cowhouse in Castletown known as Gell's house(16d) south end adj Wm Clauge's house + north end to John Cowne's;witt John Hindley x, W Qualtrough;court 1708
Old Deeds 31       Hen Crebbin                       Issa + Jane Waterson
Old Deeds 32       Jo Corrin                         Jo Waterson
Old Deeds 33       Wm Qualtrough                     Thos Cubbon
Old Deeds 34       Tho Waterson                      Ro Waterson
Old Deeds 35       Alice Stevenson                   Hen Waterson
Old Deeds 36       Tho Cubon                         Mary Christian                 Contract
Old Deeds 37       John Lowey                        Ann Waterson                   Contract
Old Deeds 38       Tho Gell                          Eliz Gell                      Contract
Old Deeds 39       John Caveene                      Kath Taylor                    Contract
Old Deeds 40       Thos Waterson                     Issa Waterson                  Agreement
Old Deeds 41       Gilbt Waterson                    Issa Taggart                   Contract
Old Deeds 42       Hen Waterson                      Tho Waterson
Old Deeds 43       John Waterson                     Joney Crellin Senr             [quit claim recorded June 1713]
Old Deeds 44       Wm + Tho Cuben                    Jo Qualtrough
Old Deeds 45       Hen Harrison                      Eliz Crebbin                   Contract
Old Deeds 46       Wm Cubon                          Jo Kirruish
Old Deeds 47       Wm Shimin                         Issa Costean                   Contract
Old Deeds 48       Stephen Tear                      Eliz Harrison                  Contract
Old Deeds 49       Hen Waterson                      Issa Taylor                    Contract
Old Deeds 50       John Kelly                        Ellinor Taylor                 Contract
Old Deeds 51       Wm Carran                         Wm + Hen Gawne,Henry Waterson  Agreement Or Exchange
Old Deeds 52       Tho + Issa Clucas                 Tho Clucas
Old Deeds 53       John Hutchin                      Issa Hutchin
Old Deeds 54       Issa Hutchin                      Jo Hutchin
Old Deeds 55       Wm Taylor                         Tho Gawn
Old Deeds 56       Hen Waterson                      Wm Gellin
Old Deeds 57       Wm + Gilbt Gell                   Tho Waterson
Old Deeds 58       Hen Corkish                       Rich Corkish                   Made Void
Old Deeds 59       Wm Corrin                         Eliz Harrison                  Contract
Old Deeds 60       Wm Casement                       Tho Elson
Old Deeds 61       Wm, Ann + Hen Costean             Issa Clucas                    Agreement 
Old Deeds 62       Jo Cregeen                        Wm Cregeen
Old Deeds 63       Nick Quayle                       Ro Quayle
Old Deeds 64       Fin Clucas                        Hen Costean
Old Deeds 65       Elin Hingley                      Ann Hingley                    gift             dated 3 jul 1716;Ellinr Hindley als Queelin(rushen) gives to only dau Ann Hindley estate (houses gardens rent 3d + 1 days plowing of mortgaged land in Kentraugh) - Ann to live with and maintain her;son edward to have fowling piece now in house but debarred from any other calim;witt Willm Cubbon x, Wm Qualtrough;court May 1717
Old Deeds 66       Tho Gawn                          Wm Cregeen
Old Deeds 67       Tho Gawn                          Jo Kennish
Old Deeds 68       Ann Calcot                        Wm Gawn
Old Deeds 69       John Kelly                        Kath Lowry                     Contract
Old Deeds 70       Hen Corkish                       John Crebbin
Old Deeds 71       Hen Crebin                        Wm Waterson
Old Deeds 72       Widow Qualtrough                  Wm Costean
Old Deeds 73       John Kermode                      Ann Waterson
Old Deeds 74       Wm Clucas                         Jane Callister                 Contract
Old Deeds 75       Hen Kermode                       Margt Clucas                   Contract
Old Deeds 76       Wm Nelson                         Joney Carran                   Contract
Old Deeds 77       John Cubon                        Kath Vandy                     Contract
Old Deeds 78       Hen Kneal                         Issa Corris                    Contract
Old Deeds 79       John Kermode                      Wm Carine
Old Deeds 80       Jo Quill                          John Kinnish
Old Deeds 81       Hen Odowey                        Edw Stanley
Old Deeds 82       Wm Waterson                       Jo Waterson
Old Deeds 83       Tho Taylor                        John Taylor                    sale             dated 6 dec 1718;Thomas Taylor(Bradda) + wife Margt sell for 28s to friend John Taylor(rushen) a parcel of intack rent 9d adj John Taylor's land of Lingage;witt Henry Crebbin x, jon garrett;court oct 1722
Old Deeds 84       John Corkish                      Ro Maddrell                    sale             dated 11 aug 1721;John Corkish s/o John Corkish(Ballacorkish, rushen) who d lately in londonand in regard that my bissness in England cassions speedily out of the Island sell for 80 to kinsman Mr Robt Madrell (castletown gent) all estate of Ballacorkish(rent 2 5s 6d);witt Wm Ingoldsby, Edwd Fleetwood;signs + seals;court Oct 1722

SSS Oct 1723 29    Hen Waterson                      John Waterson                  Agreement
SSS May 1724 43    Margt Clucas                      Jo Clucas
SSS May 1724 44    Jony Kneale                       John Moore
SSS Oct 1724 37    Rich Woods                        Margt Keig                     Contract
SSS May 1725 37    Tho Kinley                        Tho Kinley
SSS May 1725 38    John Maddrell                     Margt Corrin                   Contract
SSS May 1725 39    Hen Gawn                          Hen Gawn
SSS May 1726 47    John + Ellin Nelson               Wm Quayle
SSS May 1726 48    John Crebbin                      Issa Clucas                    Contract
SSS May 1726 49    Henry Gawn                        Margt Cubbon
SSS May 1726 50    James Marvin                      Ann Calcot                     Sale                    dated 17 nov 1725;James Marvin (Dublin) + wife Mary sell for 1 to sister Ann Calcott a parcel of land in Cregneash and known as Cregneash (rent 4s 9d);witt Richard Fargher, Rose Kinly x
SSS May 1726 51    Jo Waterson                       Cath Waterson                  Contract
SSS Oct 1727 41    Phil Moore                        Edw Gellin
SSS Oct 1727 42    Ann Corris Als Calcot             Hen Gawne
SSS Oct 1727 43    Jo Nelson                         Tho Gawn
SSS Oct 1727 44    Jo Curphey                        Hen Gawn
SSS Oct 1727 45    Hen Gawn                          Issa Bridson                   Contract
SSS Oct 1727 46    John Waterson                     Tho Gell
SSS Oct 1727 47    James Waterson                    Rich Callister
SSS May 1728 59    John Cottier                      John Smith                     Agreement
SSS May 1728 60    Jo Fargher (Coroner)              Wm Bramwell
SSS Oct 1728 17    Wm Waterson                       Jo Mcdonnell
SSS Oct 1728 18    Hen Kneal                         John Cottier                   Agreement
SSS May 1729 69    Wm + Rich Corrin                  Wm Maddrell                    Agreement Or Exchange
SSS May 1729 70    Joney & Jo Kneal                  Wm Gawn                        Exchange
SSS May 1729 71    Wm Gawn                           Margery Mylrea                 Contract
SSS May 1729 72    John Keggeen                      Ellinr Christian               Contract
SSS Oct 1729 17    Jo Waterson                       Jo Kinley
SSS May 1730 78    Wm Gell                           Jo Mercer
SSS Oct 1730 21    Ro Moore                          James Harrison + Wm Cregeen
SSS Oct 1730 22    John Waterson                     Kath Gawn                      Contract 
SSS May 1731 59    John Nelson                       Issa Callister                 Contract
SSS May 1731 60    Tho Gawn                          Jo Gawn
SSS May 1731 61    John Crebbin                      Eliz Carine                    Contract
SSS May 1732 69    Christ Gick                       Ro Waterson                    Agreement 
SSS May 1732 70    Wm Qualtrough                     Rich Hingley
SSS May 1732 71    Wm Seddon                         Kath Tear
SSS May 1732 72    Edw Corrin                        Margery Corrin                 Contract
SSS Oct 1732 29    Wm Crebbin                        Jony Kinnish                   Contract
SSS Oct 1732 30    Hu Timberral                      Jo Nelson
SSS Oct 1732 31    Bryan Fox                         Edw Hingley
SSS May 1733 37    Joney Nelson                      Wm Nelson
SSS May 1733 54    Margt Lowey                       Wm Keig
SSS May 1733 55    Jo Cannell                        Jo + Hen Qualtrough
SSS May 1733 56    Phill Gell                        Hen Corrin
SSS Oct 1733 33    Kath Tear @ Fit                   Edw Hingley                    With Mr Murrey's Obligation as Guardian to Wm the Son
SSS Oct 1734 21    Kath Qualtrough + Wm Waterson     Wm Waterson + Margt Cottima    Agreement or Contract
SSS May 1735 79    Hen Lowey                         Phil Lowey                     gift             dated 7 may 1735;Hen Lowey  wife Kath give to only son Philip (on whom we rely) an intack called cloken-a-killey  adj to our own rent, stephen tear and to Scard;witt james waterson, john cain, edward waterson
SSS May 1735 80    Chris Bell                        Kath Crebbin                   Contract
SSS May 1735 81    Jo Maddrell                       Issa Gawn                      Contract
SSS May 1735 82    Mary Carine                       Margt Carine
SSS May 1735 83    Ambrose Place                     Rich Corrin
SSS May 1735 84    John Corkish                      Issa Lowey                     Contract
SSS May 1736 89    John Hutchin                      Wm Clucas                      Release
SSS May 1736 90    Tho Waterson                      Wm Maddrell
SSS Oct 1736 37    Hen Crebbin                       John Kinley
SSS Oct 1736 38    Hen Crebbin                       Wm Maddrell + Ellinr Kelly
SSS Oct 1736 39    Hen Crebbin                       Rich Keggeen
SSS May 1737 75    Hen Crebbin                       Dan Cubon
SSS May 1737 76    Hen Crebbin                       Ro Moore
SSS May 1737 77    Wm Keig                           Jo Cubon
SSS May 1737 78    Hen Crebbin                       Jo Crebbin
SSS Oct 1737 19    [Lost From Copy]                  Hen Maddrell
SSS May 1738 104   Rich Cannon                       Rich Cannon (His Son)          Sett
SSS May 1738 105   John Crebbin                      Mary Crebbin                   Contract
SSS May 1738 106   Wm Sherlock (+Joseph,Alice,Ann)   Rich Hingley                   Sale                 dated 10 Mar 1737/8;Wm,Joseph, Alice + Ann Sherlock (all Kk Arbory) sell for 7 12s to kinsman Richard Hinley (Rushen)  their interest in certain garden, broken walls, half harrard + half cowhouse situate in Rushen adj Edw Hinley's house, ann lds rent 3d.;witt John Gill x, Tho Stevenson
SSS Oct 1738 44    Jo Kegeen                         Tho Kegeen (His Son)           Sett + Gift
SSS May 1739 82    Rich Kerron                       Hen Clague
SSS Oct 1739 36    John Corrin                       Jo Crebbin
SSS Oct 1739 37    Ro Waterson                       Finlo Cretney
SSS May 1740 71    Alice Curlet + Read               John Mckewn
SSS May 1740 72    Tho Mckewn                        Tho Goldsmith
SSS May 1740 73    Jo Gell                           Ellinor Waterson
SSS May 1740 74    Wm Maddrell + Ellinr Kelly        Rich Taylor
SSS May 1740 75    Jo Waterson                       Jo Waterson (His Son)          Sett
SSS May 1740 76    Jo Queling                        Thos Gawn
SSS Oct 1740 49    Jo Kinley                         Robt Moore
SSS Oct 1740 50    Jo Kermode                        Ann + Jo Kermode
SSS Oct 1740 51    Ann Kissack                       Tho Kissack (Her Son)
SSS Oct 1740 52    Tho Goldsmith                     Wm Maddrell
SSS May 1741 71    Wm Waterson                       Rich Harrison
SSS May 1741 72    Edw Waterson                      Eliz Skillicorn                Contract
SSS May 1741 73    Rich Keggeen                      Dan Cubbon
SSS Oct 1741 54    Wm Waterson                       Thos Waterson (His Son)
SSS Oct 1741 55    Tho Clucas                        Wm Clucas
SSS May 1742 88    Robt Kermeen                      Alice Taylor Als Crebbin
SSS May 1742 89    Christr Gick                      Phinloe Cretney
SSS May 1742 90    Rich Coole                        Kath Harrison                  Contract
SSS Oct 1742 42    Tho Gawn                          Alice Tear                     Contract
SSS Oct 1742 43    Wm Clucas                         Eliz Farrant                   Contract
SSS May 1743 49    Issa Lowy & Hen Nelson            Jo Crebbin
SSS May 1743 50    Rich Hingley                      Eliz Maddrell                  contract
SSS May 1743 51    John Crebbin                      Nich Hutchin
SSS Oct 1743 36    Wm Qualtrough                     Eliz Gawne                     contract
SSS May 1744 54    Jo Waterson & [wife + son]        John Kinley
SSS May 1744 55    Mary Keig                         Wm Quay
SSS May 1744 56    Wm Gawn                           Elizth Cowin                   contract
SSS Oct 1744 29    John Gell                         Rich Keggeen
SSS Oct 1744 30    Hen Maddrell                      Rich Tydesley
SSS Oct 1745 46    Ro Waterson                       Jo Waterson
SSS Oct 1745 47    Jo Caveen ? & Wife                Edw Caveen (Their Son)
SSS Oct 1745 48    Jo Nelson                         Jo Crebbin Heir & Jo Crebbin Droughad
SSS Oct 1745 49    Jo Waterson & Wife                Jo Waterson (Their Son)
SSS May 1746 66    Wm Corrin                         Tho Gell, Jo Costean, John C   an agreement for a way
SSS May 1746 67    Jo Kneale & Wife                  Jo Hutcheson
SSS Oct 1746 39    Wm Stevenson ? & Wife             Edw Stevenson (Son) + Margery Taylor
SSS Oct 1746 40    John Cannell & Wife               John Cannel
SSS Oct 1746 41    John Kelly                        Mary Callister                 contract
SSS May 1747 54    Ann & Robt Moore                  Jo Taylor
SSS Oct 1747 28    Jo Cubon                          Tho Cubon
SSS Oct 1747 29    Rich Taylor                       Isable Taylor, Jas Kew ?       agreement
SSS May 1748 69    Tho Gell & Wife                   Jo Gell (Their Son)
SSS May 1748 70    Jo Hutchen                        Hen Taylor
SSS May 1748 71    Wm Cubon                          Jo Waterson
SSS May 1748 72    Hen Gawn                          Isab Taylor                    contract
SSS May 1748 73    Tho Nelson                        Issab Gawn                     contract
SSS May 1748 73    Rich Harrison                     Ann Cubon                      contract
SSS May 1749 64    Nich Hutchin                      Dan Lowey
SSS Oct 1749 64    Bryan Waterson                    James Black
SSS Oct 1749 65    Jas Waterson                      James Waterson
SSS Oct 1749 66    Nich Tydesley                     Tho Waterson
SSS Oct 1749 67    Wm Cashen                         Isab Lowey                     contract
SSS Oct 1749 68    Jo Cubon                          Ellin Cubon                    contract
SSS May 1750 67    Tho Moore                         Jony Carine                    contract
SSS May 1750 68    Tho Cubon                         Wm Gawne Snr & Junr
SSS May 1750 69    Jo Waterson, Hen Maddrell, et al  Jane ? Cubbon
SSS May 1750 70    Bryan Waterson                    Wm Carine
SSS May 1750 71    Wm Quay + Mary Keig               John Keig
SSS Oct 1750 59    Wm Trellag                        Ann ? Stytch
SSS Oct 1750 60    Wm Waterson                       [] Waterson
SSS Oct 1751 69    Wm Clucas                         Wm Waterson
SSS May 1752 82    Tho Callister                     R Gell
SSS May 1752 83    John Quayle ?                     Hen Kermod
SSS May 1752 84    Tho Gawn Snr + []                 [Lost On Copy]
SSS May 1752 85    Richd Hingley                     Frances Hingley[dau]           [settlement]
SSS May 1752 86    Tho Kinley, Ricd Bridson, et al   Tho Coole
SSS May 1752 87    Tho & Tho Kinley, Ricd Bridson    Tho Watterson
SSS Oct 1752 78    Dan Lowey                         Math Taubman
SSS May 1753 79    John Clucas                       Issable Gell                   contract
SSS May 1753 80    Hen Taylor                        Jane Taylor
SSS Oct 1753 61    Jo Carran                         Wm Kneale
SSS Oct 1753 62    Wm Waterson                       Tho Gawn
SSS May 1754 86    Hen Taylor + Wm Costean           Wm Costean
SSS May 1754 87    John Moore                        Eliz Corrin                    contract
SSS May 1755 101   Jo Quillin                        Hen Gawne + Jo Waterson
SSS May 1755 102   Wm Gawne                          Eliz Corrin                    contract
SSS May 1755 103   John Nelson                       Wm Fayle
SSS May 1755 104   John Quillin                      Hen Taylor
SSS May 1755 105   Hen Kermod                        Margt Waterson                 contract
SSS Oct 1755 91    John Quillin                      Edw Waterson
SSS Oct 1755 92    Philip Gell                       Wm Gell
SSS May 1756 89    Wm Corrin                         Wm Racliffe ?
SSS May 1756 90    Hen Gawn                          Jo Waterson & John His Son
SSS May 1756 91    Ro Clague                         Wm Clucas
SSS May 1757 95    Wm Clucas                         Hugh Mcquire
SSS May 1757 96    Jno Corkish                       Ewan Qualtrough
SSS May 1757 97    Hen Lowey                         John Cubon
SSS Oct 1757 89    John Cubbon                       Eliz Kelly                     contract
SSS May 1758 131   Hen Corrin                        Elin Maddrell                  contract
SSS May 1758 132   Jno Waterson + Wife               Wm Cubbon
SSS Oct 1758 56    John Maddrell                     Margt Maddrell                 contract
SSS Oct 1758 57    John Harrison                     Jony Maddrell                  contract
SSS Oct 1758 58    Jas Waterson                      Jas Waterson Jnr?
SSS May 1759 91    Jno Waterson + Wm Waterson        Tho Crebbin                    surrender
SSS May 1759 92    John Waterson                     Wm Waterson
SSS May 1759 93    Hen Taylor                        Ann Looney                     contract
SSS Oct 1759 82    Ann Kermod                        Tho Kermod                     quit claim
SSS Oct 1759 83    Hen Clucas                        Ewan Qualtrough                quit claim
SSS May 1760 92    Tho Keig, John Keig, Ro Bridson   Hen Comish ?                   sale
SSS May 1760 93    Ro Woods                          Mary Cubon                     contract
SSS May 1760 94    Hen Nelson                        Tho Gawn
SSS May 1760 95    Tho Cubon                         Ro Harrison
SSS Oct 1760 71    Hen Nelson                        Tho Crebbin
SSS Oct 1760 72    Tho Cottier                       Ann Kissage                    contract
SSS Oct 1760 73    Jno Clucas                        Wm Clucas
SSS Oct 1760 74    Tho Maddrell                      Margt Gell                     contract
SSS May 1761 86    Wm Gawn                           Margt Corrin                   contract
SSS May 1761 87    John Crebbin                      John Crebbin (Son)
SSS May 1761 88    Wm Carine                         Jno Carine (Son)
SSS May 1761 89    Wm Clucas                         Joney Gell                     contract
SSS Oct 1761 73    Wm Gell                           Tho Maddrell
SSS May 1762 97    Margt Kegg                        Issa Keig                      sett
SSS May 1762 98    Wm Clucas                         Tho Karran                     sale
SSS May 1762 99    Edw Waterson                      Edw Waterson (Son)             set
SSS May 1762 100   Wm Cashin                         Ro Cooil & Margt Taylor        sale
SSS May 1762 101   Christo Gick                      Tho Kermod
SSS Oct 1762 67    Pat Crebbin                       Ellinr Cottier                 contract
SSS May 1763 113   Tho Harrison []                   Issab Cashin
SSS May 1763 114   Margt Taylor                      Tho Hutchin                    sale
SSS May 1763 115   Jno Waterson                      Jony Madrel                    contract
SSS Oct 1763 62    Hen Gawn                          Christ Gagahan
SSS Oct 1763 63    Frances Kinley                    Wm Qualtrough
SSS Oct 1763 64    Jno Taubman (Atty ) Sus Seddan    Edward Gawn
SSS May 1764 85    John Parr                         John Quillin Atty Genl
SSS Oct 1764 65    Issa Clucas                       Margery Clucas                 agreement
SSS Oct 1764 66    John Keggeen                      Tho Keggeen
SSS Oct 1766 195   Christo Gick Senr + Junr          Jo Crebbin & Tho Gawn
SSS Oct 1766 196   Tho Gawn                          Cath Robinson                  agmt ? + release
SSS Oct 1766 197   Robt Taylor                       Edw Gawn
SSS Oct 1766 198   Tho Clucas                        Mark Nixon
SSS Oct 1766 199   Jas Black                         Tho Callister
SSS Oct 1766 200   Jo Cubon                          Hen Cubon
SSS Oct 1766 201   Christo Gick Senr + Junr          John Hutchinson
SSS May 1767 74    Wm Qualtrough                     [ ]                            agreemnt
SSS May 1767 75    Hen Lowey                         Jo Shimmin
SSS May 1767 76    Jo Taylor                         Wm Taylor
SSS Oct 1767 41    Jas Corrin                        Cath Corrin
SSS Oct 1767 42    Wm Corrin                         Edw Killey
SSS Oct 1768 47    Jo Keig                           Mary Quay
SSS Oct 1768 48    Jo & Danl Nelson                  Wm Nelson
SSS Oct 1768 49    Wm Gell                           Hen Gell                       settlement
SSS Oct 1768 50    Jo & Danl Nelson                  Wm Nelson
SSS Oct 1768 51    Wm Clucas                         Issa Clucas                    release
SSS May 1769 74    Tho Lowey                         Hen Taylor
SSS May 1769 75    Hen Taylor                        Wm Taylor
SSS May 1769 76    Jo & Tho Caneen                   Edw Caneen                     quit claim
SSS May 1769 77    Hen Corrin                        Lewis Corrin                   sett
SSS May 1769 78    Ro Woods                          Rcd Cain
SSS May 1769 79    Jony Harrison                     Tho Harrison
SSS Oct 1769 53    Hen Gawne                         Wm Earle & Jo Woodhouse
SSS Oct 1769 54    Richd Keggan                      Ann Gell                       contract
SSS Oct 1769 55    Tho Kinley                        Wm Kinley
SSS May 1770 79    Tho Nelson                        Isabel Keggeen                 contract
SSS May 1770 80    Hen Taylor                        Wm Costean
SSS May 1770 81    Jo Stevenson                      John Van Rixel
SSS Oct 1770 39    Ann Killey                        Jo Waterson
SSS Oct 1770 40    Edw Gawn                          Andw Stiech
SSS Oct 1770 41    John Cool                         Ann Gell                       contract
SSS Oct 1770 42    Wm Quill,Ann Gell,Chris Waterson  Tim Crebbin
SSS May 1771 73    Tho Coole                         Phil Quirk                     exchange
SSS May 1771 74    Ricd Corrin                       Tho Woodworth
SSS May 1771 75    Edwd Gawn                         Hen Waterson
SSS May 1771 76    Hen Duke                          Hen Gell
SSS May 1771 77    Hen Gawn                          Margt Waterson                 contract
SSS Oct 1771 61    Edwd Corrin                       Wm Corrin
SSS Oct 1771 62    Hen Gawn                          Wm Gawn                        sett
SSS Oct 1771 63    Jo Crebbin                        Jane Kinish                    contract
SSS Oct 1772 94    Jno Crebbin                       Wm Crebbin                     agreement
SSS Oct 1772 95    Jony Moore                        Ro Moore                       sett
SSS Oct 1772 96    John Waterson                     Alice Carran                   contract
SSS Oct 1772 97    Hen Maddrell                      Margt Keggeen                  contract
SSS Oct 1772 98    Jno Crebbin                       Hen Crebbin                    release
SSS Oct 1772 99    Jno Van Rixtel                    Jno Cumming
SSS Oct 1772 100   Wm Taylor                         Wm Taylor
SSS May 1773 108   Tho Harrison                      Mary Cummings
SSS May 1773 109   Jno Kegg                          Wm Taylor
SSS May 1773 110   Jno Corkish                       Tho Crebbin
SSS May 1773 111   Hen Corrin                        Jno Gell
SSS May 1773 112   Robt Moore                        Jno Moore
SSS May 1773 113   Wm Gawn                           Rd? & Tho Keggeen
SSS Oct 1773 62    Jno Waterson                      Wm Watterson
SSS May 1774 94    Jno Corkish (Senr + Junr)         Wm Watterson
SSS May 1774 95    Jno Crebbin                       Hen Crebbin                    agreement
SSS May 1774 96    Hen Gawn                          John Quayle & Edwd Kinley
SSS May 1774 97    Wm Earl + John Woodhouse          Rd Corrin
SSS May 1774 98    Jno Corkish + Jno Corkish         Hen Corkish
SSS May 1774 99    Timy Crebbin                      Timy Crebbin
SSS May 1774 100   Wm Gawn                           Wm Maddrell                    agreement
SSS Oct 1774 72    Wm Nelson                         Jno Nelson                     [# out of seq ?in Malew]
SSS Oct 1774 83    Margt Mylchreest                  Wm Kermode                     contract
SSS Oct 1774 84    Duke Of Atholl                    Jno Watterson
SSS Oct 1774 85    Hen Taylor                        Hen Taylor
SSS May 1775 92    Duke Of Atholl                    Wm Qualtrough
SSS May 1775 93    Wm Qualtrough                     Margery Kelly
SSS Oct 1775 58    Robt Moore                        Henry Cooil
SSS Oct 1775 59    Christo Gick                      Tho Kermod
SSS Oct 1775 60    Jno Corkish                       Henry Corkish
SSS May 1776 75    Heny Cooil                        Cath Crebbin                   contract
SSS May 1776 76    Wm Gawn                           Issa Waterson                  contract
SSS May 1776 77    Tho Steich                        Jas Cubbon
SSS Oct 1776 58    Jno Nelson & Wife                 Dan Nelson
SSS Oct 1776 59    Tho Crebbin                       Jno Crebbin
SSS Oct 1776 60    Jno Corkish                       Wm Waterson
SSS Oct 1776 61    Heny Gawn                         Chas Lindesay
SSS Oct 1776 62    Heny Corkish                      Jno Shimin
SSS Oct 1777 84    Chas Gelling                      Wm Caggeene Jr
SSS Oct 1777 85    Ro Keggeen                        Tho Keggeen
SSS Oct 1777 86    Jno Hudgen                        Isable Cain                    contract
SSS Oct 1777 87    Jno Corkish                       Tho Gell
SSS Oct 1777 88    Heny Gawn                         Wm Kermode & Edwd Millar
SSS Oct 1777 89    Jno Gell + Wife                   Hen Gell                       set
SSS Oct 1777 90    Wm Qualtrough Senr                Wm Qualtrough Junr             sett
SSS Oct 1777 91    Jno Corkis Junr                   Hen Corkis
SSS Oct 1777 92    Phill Keigg                       Jno Moore
SSS Oct 1777 93    Jno Keigg                         Phil Keigg
SSS Oct 1778 68    Tho Cooile                        Andrw Steich & Wife            settlement
SSS Oct 1778 69    Hen Taylor                        Jane Corran                    settlement
SSS Oct 1778 70    Tho Steich                        Andw Steich
SSS May 1779 122   John Kermod                       John Cooil
SSS May 1779 123   Wm Cooil                          Margt Cooil                    contract
SSS May 1779 124   Jno [Cooil]                       Ewan Qualtrough
SSS May 1779 125   Hen [Cooil]                       Tho Corrin                     sett
SSS Oct 1780 71    Jn: Corkish                       Hen Waterson
SSS Oct 1780 72    Jn: Corkish                       John Gell
SSS Oct 1780 73    Wm Watterson                      Hen Corkish
SSS Oct 1780 74    Thos Watterson                    Edw Christian
SSS Oct 1780 75    Wm Clucas                         Hen Kermod                     agreement
SSS Oct 1780 76    John Fargher                      Wm Maddrell
SSS May 1781 63    Jno Gell                          Jno Chooil
SSS May 1781 64    Jno Cooil                         Cath Taubman                   contract
SSS May 1781 65    Jno Keig + Wife                   Jno Keig (Their Son)           settlement          dated 26 dec 1776;John Keig (Ballakilowey) + wife elizth als Bridson settle estate on son (+heir) John - reserving field known as lower field Magher Raan situate east side church rd;witt Thomas Cubbon x, Richard Corrin
SSS May 1781 66    Ann Moore                         Robt Moore                     sett                dated 2 may 1772;Ann Moore(widow Ballonney Rushen - rent 8s 0.5d) with consent son John Moore(+ wife Elizth) settle estate on gson (+ heir at law) Robert Moore - he paying 20;witt Tho Moore, John Lace
SSS Oct 1781 47    Jno Hutchin                       Jno Waterson
SSS May 1782 106   Hen Duke                          Jno Qualtrough
SSS May 1782 107   Margery Kegg                      Isable Kegg
SSS May 1782 108   Jno Kewn                          Heny Geal
SSS May 1782 109   Wm Crebbin                        Edw Gawne
SSS May 1782 110   Tho Harrison                      Wm Callister
SSS May 1782 111   Jno Kegg                          John Kegg
SSS Oct 1782 97    Tho Gell                          Jn: Corlett                    sett
SSS Oct 1782 98    Wm Clucas                         Edwd Gawne
SSS Oct 1782 99    Jno Waterson                      Tho Gawne
SSS May 1783 94    Ellr Clague                       Heny Clague                    agreement
SSS May 1783 95    Wm Clucas + Ann His Wife et al    Jno Clucas Jnr
SSS May 1783 96    Tho Cubbon                        Jn: Qualtrough
SSS Oct 1783 56    Jno Moore                         Ellr Clucas                    contract
SSS Oct 1783 57    Jno Shimmin                       Ann Kinvig                     contract
SSS Oct 1783 58    Wm Gell                           Margt Maddrell                 contract
SSS May 1784 61    Margery Kelly                     Wm Kelly (Her Son)             agreement
SSS Oct 1784 51    Jno Corkish                       Tho Kermode Senr & Tho Kermode Junr
SSS Oct 1785 40    John Kegg Senr                     John Kegg Junr, Issabel Keg   agreement
SSS May 1786 105   Tho Fargher                       Issabel Fargher                agreement
SSS Oct 1786 117   Wm Cortgeag + Wife                Ewan Qualtrough
SSS May 1787 96    Eleanr? Corlett                   Chas Gelling
SSS May 1787 97    Elizh Corrin                      Edwd Waterson
SSS May 1787 98    Edwd Millar                       John Cain
SSS May 1787 99    Tho Gawn,Issable Waterson, et al  Jno Waterson                   agmt
SSS Oct 1787 99    Jno Maddrell                      Tho Corrin
SSS Oct 1787 100   Wm Taylor                         John Taubman
SSS May 1788 171   Jno Qualtrough + Wife             Jno Qualtrough                 agreement
SSS May 1788 172   Wm Kelly                          Wm Gawne
SSS May 1788 173   Heny Cooile [+Wife ?]             Jno Crebbin                    agreement
SSS May 1788 174   Tho Cubbon                        Jno Cooile & Hen Taylor
SSS May 1788 175   Wm Maddrell                       Wm Gell                        agreement
SSS May 1789 130   Jno Corkish                       John Lowey
SSS May 1789 131   Henry Lowey                       Thos Moore                     agreement
SSS May 1789 132   Rich Kneen []                     Jno Kaneen + Wife
SSS May 1789 133   Chas Lindsy                       Edw Christian
SSS Oct 1789 55    Jane Watterson Als Nelson Widw    Wm Watterson                   sett
SSS Oct 1789 56    Margt Watterson Als Taylor        Jno Watterson                  sett
SSS Oct 1789 57    Jno Kaneen, Jno Richardson, et al Tho Cottier
SSS May 1790 110   Wm Gawn                           Jno Mylechreest
SSS May 1790 111   Wm Gawn                           Jno Mylechreest
SSS May 1790 112   Heny Lowey                        Tho Moore
SSS May 1790 113   Pat Kennish                       Jno Qualtrough
SSS Oct 1790 79    Tho Kermod                        Cath Moore                     contract
SSS Oct 1790 80    Wm Clucas                         Hen Watterson
SSS Oct 1790 81    Jno Corkish                       Henry Watterson & Henry Cool
SSS May 1791 95    Tho Maddrell                      Jno Maddrell                   sett
SSS May 1791 96    John Cregeen                      Tho Cregeen
SSS May 1792 101   Jas Corrin                        Wm Gawne                       +102?
SSS Oct 1793 72    Wm Gick                           Jno Cooil
SSS Oct 1793 73    Wm Costean                        Wm Costean(Son)                sett
SSS Oct 1793 74    Wm Gick                           Wm Sansbury
SSS May 1794 138   Edwd Gawn                         Edwd Gawne
SSS May 1794 139   Wm Gick                           Tho Kermod
SSS May 1794 140   Ro[] Cubbon                       Tho Cregeen
SSS May 1794 141   Lewis Corrin                      Tho Corrin
SSS May 1794 142   Jno Nelson                        Tho Cottier
SSS May 1794 143   Tho Kermod                        Jno Taubman
SSS Oct 1794 67    Edwd Killey                       Jno Qualtrough
SSS May 1795 141   Jno Crebbin                       John Corrin
SSS May 1795 142   Jno Quayle [] & Jas Cubbon        John Cubbon
SSS May 1795 143   Hen Watterson                     Duke Of Atholl
SSS May 1795 144   Tho Crebbin                       Ann Crebbin
SSS May 1795 145   Issable Corlett                   Tho Nelson                     sett
SSS May 1795 146   Jno Hutchin                       Hen Gell
SSS May 1795 147   Jno Watterson                     Tho Kermod
SSS May 1795 148   Jno Ca[]                          John Hutchin
SSS May 1795 149   Wm Watterson                      Josh Qualtrough
SSS Oct 1795 57    Tho Gawn Esq                      Duke Of Atholl
SSS May 1796 79    Jno Carin                         Jno Cain
SSS May 1796 80    Jas Cubbon                        Jno Cowin
SSS Oct 1796 62    Jno Kewin                         Wm Watterson
SSS Oct 1796 63    Hen Watterson                     Wm Watterson
SSS May 1797 62    Tho Kermode                       Wm Clucas
SSS May 1797 63    Tho Cubbon                        Tho Kerruish ?
SSS May 1797 64    Tho Kermod                        Jno Moore & John Kermod
SSS Oct 1797 57    Hen Gawne                         Tho Callister
SSS Oct 1797 58    Wm Cannell                        Wm Cannell
SSS Oct 1797 59    Christ Bell                       Jno Crebbin
SSS May 1798 62    Wm Samsbury                       Tho Clugston
SSS May 1798 63    Jno Crebbin                       Pat Crebbin
SSS May 1798 64    Tho Maddrell                      Henry Maddrell
SSS Oct 1798 40    Tho Clucas                        Wm Clucas
SSS Oct 1798 41    Jane Quayle                       Dan Turner
SSS Oct 1798 42    Robt Williams                     Jas Cretney
SSS Oct 1798 43    Wm Cashen                         Wm Qualtrough
SSS Oct 1798 44    Jno Kelly                         Jno Sweeney
SSS Oct 1798 45    Wm Gawne                          Jno Caine
SSS Oct 1798 46    Tho Gawne                         Edwd Gawne
SSS Oct 1798 47    Tho Clucas                        Kissack []                     agreement
SSS May 1799 82    Tho Maddrell                      Jno Watterson
SSS May 1799 83    Jas ? Waterson                    Tho Maddrell Junr
SSS May 1799 84    Edwd Qualtrough                   Tho Qualtrough
SSS May 1799 85    Jno Taylor                        Jas Clague
SSS May 1799 86    Hen Lowey                         Jane Qualtrough + Richd & Jno Clague
SSS May 1799 87    Jno Waterson, Jno Waterson, et al Wm Gell
SSS May 1799 88    Margt Waterson                    Jno Waterson
SSS Oct 1799 54    Edwd Corrin                       Hen Karran
SSS Oct 1799 55    Jno Qualtrough                    Hen Gell
SSS Oct 1799 56    Wm Gell                           Hen Gell
SSS Oct 1799 57    Jno Moore                         Patr Moore
SSS Oct 1799 58    Jno Qualtrough                    Wm Qualtrough
SSS May 1800 41    Tho Cottier Junr                  Tho Cottier Senr               ?seq# see malew
SSS May 1800 64    Wm Kegg                           Wm Crebbin
SSS May 1800 65    Tho Kermode                       Christ Kinley
SSS May 1800 66    Robt Woods                        Jno + Ro Woods
SSS May 1800 67    Ann Waterson                      Tho Gawne
SSS May 1800 68    Heny Lowey                        Jno Taubman & Tho Cannell
SSS May 1801 8     Christr Bell Senr                 Chrs Bell Junr
SSS May 1801 9     Tho Clucas & Moss Mckissack       Thos Steph[En ?]
SSS May 1801 10    Jas Cubbon                        Jno Corrin
SSS May 1801 11    Christr Bell Senr                 Chrs Bell Junr
SSS May 1801 12    Wm Bailey                         Wm Qualtrough
SSS May 1801 13    Tho Kermode                       Jno Cooile
SSS May 1801 14    Jno Gell                          Cath Keig                      contract
SSS Oct 1801 52    Jno Gell                          Ro Crellin
SSS Oct 1801 53    Jno Kelly                         Jno Graham
SSS Oct 1801 54    Jno Quayle (Coroner)              Jno Nelson
SSS Oct 1801 55    Jno Kaneen? (Coroner)             Wm Nelson & John Duggan
SSS Oct 1801 56    Jno Duggan Jnr?                   Hen Clucas
SSS Oct 1801 57    Edwd Watterson                    Wm Cregeen
SSS May 1802 31    Hen Watterson                     Wm Qualtrough & Ro Clague
SSS May 1802 32    Tho Cottier Senr                  Tho Cottier Junr
SSS Oct 1802 39    Jas Waterson                      Wm Waterson
SSS Oct 1802 40    Wm Waterson                       Ellr White
SSS Oct 1802 41    Jane Qualtrough                   Tho Qualtrough
SSS Oct 1802 42    Chs Bell Senr + Junr              Revd J Cklague
SSS May 1803 29    Tho Kermode                       Wm Corrin & Tho Cubbon
SSS May 1803 30    Wm Corrin & Tho Cubbon            Christr Kinley
SSS May 1804 51    Wm Watterson                      Tho & Richd Keggin
SSS May 1804 52    Rd Crellin                        Hen Crellin
SSS May 1804 53    Tho Keggin                        Wm Watterson
SSS May 1804 54    Tho Clucas                        Wm Teare
SSS May 1804 55    Elizth Lindsey                    Wm Cannell
SSS May 1804 56    Jno Sweeney                       Jas Kermeen
SSS Oct 1804 50    Jno Crebbin                       Jane Qualtrough                contract
SSS Oct 1804 51    Wm Qualtrough (Coronor)           Tho Clucas

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