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South Side Sale, May 1752 #87 Rushen

Thomas Kinley to Thomas Watterson - Sale

Know all Men by these presents that [strikeout]
I Thos Kinley of the parish of KK Arbory with [corner fold]
and free Consent of My Attorney Nichs Bridson
of Balla Varkesh & as Also the Consent of My
Uncle Thos Kinley, Divers Good Causes us there
=unto Moveing, but More Especially for and in
Consideration of the full and Just Sum of – 
Nineteen pounds Manks Currency and from the
Hands of Thos Waterson of the parish of KK Christ
Rushen the one Half of the sd Sum to be paid att the
Testation hereof and the Other half to be paid att – 
the Confirmation of this Deed Have Given Granted
Alienated passed over and Sould, and do by these presents
Give Grant Alienate paassover & for Ever Absolutely Sell
unto him the said Thos Waterson all the Right Title &
Interest that we Now have or at any time here after
May Might or Could have in and unto a Certain field
[obscured by fold] Barroo being [tear] of the Corvalla adjoyning to
John Corrins Lands on the East & South to Wm Watersons
on the North & to Bryan Watersons on the West, as also
all our Right & Title to annother parcell of our Land – 
Called Crott wark with the House thereunto belonging – 
Adjoyning to John Corrin’s Land on the North & West & to
the Highway on the East & to John Waterson’s on the
South as also all our Right & Title to annother parcell
of Land Called Kee Liowar Adjoyning to John Corrin’s
In the North West & South & to the highway on the
East all of Such Annuall Lords Rent as the Setting
Quest Shall proportion thereon to Have and to hold
unto him the sd Thos Waterson his Heirs Execrs Admrs
and Assigns from us the Said Thos Kinley Nichs
Bridson, & Thos Kinley Our Heirs Execrs Admrs & 
Assignes.  The Severall parcells of Land aforesaid and
House takeing Commencement from the first Day of – 
November Next together With all Ways Waters Watercour[corner fold]

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[tattered/discolored]sements Liberties pro[fold over] advantages to [tear]
Same belonging [tear] the sd [fold over] Waterson his
Heirs Execrs admrs & Assigns Yielding & paying Yearly
& Every year the Severall Rents that shall be settled
on the premises as Also All Boons Suite and Services
Settled thereon and we the sd Thos Kinly, Nichs
Bridson My Attorney & Thos Kinley My uncle do
bind and Oblidge our selves to Mentain & Deffend the
premisses to the said Thos Waterson his Heirs Execrs
admrs & Assigns against the pretended Right or Claim of
any person or persons Whatsoever, and to procure the
Worshipll Deemsrs Attesstation, With the Honerble Court’s
Confirmation to this Deed & to do and Execute any other
act or Deed for the further and better Secureing of the
premisses to the sd Thos Waterson and his Assigns for
Ever – for the true & faithfull performance of all Which we
the said Thos Kinley [strikeout] Nichs Bridson & Thos Kinley
do bind and Oblige our selves our Heirs Execrs admrs – 
and Assigns in the pennalty & forfiture of fourty – 
pounds Sterling to be leived according to the Laws and
Customs of this Isle – as Witness our Marks to our – 
Names this the 30th Day of Octr 1751

Signed and Delivered        Thos Kinley Junr My Mrk  X
in pressence of            Thos Kinley My Mrk  X
   Thos Kneal My Mrk  X        Nich : Bridson
   Wm Corrin

            11th Novr 1751
            Thos Kinley Junr Thos Kinley and Nicholas
            Bridson Acknowledged the within & above
            Bill of Sale to be their Voluntary Act
            and Deed, and also to be paid nine pounds
            Ten Shillings of the consideration Money
            therein Mentioned this Before me
                        Jon Taubman

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        At a Shed[part of page missing]
        Castle Rush[part of page missing]
The beforegoing Bill of [part of page missing]
before the Deemster and [part of page missing]
in Court and no objection [part of page missing]
Therefore Allowed of and C[part of page missing]
    Dan Mylrea        Basil Cochrane
                      Jon Quayle
    Jon Taubman        Dan Mylrea

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