South Side Sale, May 1743 #50 Rushen

Rich Hingley and Eliz Maddrell - Contract

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Articles of Marriage concluded and agreed
upon between Mr Edward Hinley on the one party
in behalf of his son Mr Richd Hinley and Mrs Eliz[]
Maddrell on the other part in behalf of her daughter
Miss Elizbth Maddrell as follows
Inprs It is concluded and agreed upon that the sd young couple
shall enter into the holy estate of Matrimony within a
month after the date hereof, God and Holy Church permitting
the same
Secondly It is concluded and agreed upon that the sd Mr Edwd 
Hinley doth give unto his sd son in present possession
one half of his shop with all the appurtenances
thereunto belong, and also half of all his hous[]
and all other his personall affects (except his house
and garden in Castletown) and that with the full and
free consent of his wife Elinr Hinley and likewise the
other half of their sd effects after the death or decease of the longest liver
Thirdly It is concluded and agreed upon that the sd Mrs Elizbth
Maddrell gives unto her sd daughter the sum of one hundred 
pounds in prsnt possession and likewise a proportionable share
of all her household goods, with a furnished feather bed,
and also to be joynt executrix with the rest of her brot[]
and sisters; she likewise bestows her daughter a mair and a young
heifer - And for the true and dutifull per=
formance of these articles all parties bind them
selves in the penalty of three hundred pounds
to be pd in nature of all fines within this Isle In
witness whereof they have hereunto subscribed their []
and affixed their seals this 28th day of jany 1737/8
Edward Hinley
Elin Hinley X
Elizabeth Maddrell
Richard Hinley
Eliz Maddrell
Signed sealed and delived in presence of
Tho Stevenson
John Stevenson
William Maddrell

[Ack before John Taubman 14 April 1741
through sheading court 11 May 1743]

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