South Side Sale, October 1763 #63 Rushen

Frances Hingley to William Qualtrough - Sale

Know all men by these presents that Frances Hingley of Castletown
spinster sundry good causes and considerations her hereunto moving but chiefly and
more especially for and in consideration of the full and just sum of one hundred
and ten pounds currency of this Island to her in hand paid before the execution
of these presents by William Qualtrough of Keontraugh in the parish of
Kirk Christ Rushen gentleman the receipt of which said sum she doth hereby
acknowledge and thereof doth freel acquit exonerate and discharge him the
said William Qualtrough his exors & admors for ever by these presents - have
given, granted, bargained, passed over and sold, and do by these presents give,
gtant, bargain, passover and for ever absolutely sell unto him the same William
Qualtrough his Exors, admors and assigns all that and those dwelling houses
smithy barn outhouses hay yard gardens croft and meadow situated in
the said parish of Kirk Christ Rushen commonly called Hingley's houses and
the said croft and meadow commonly known and distinguished by the name
of Fox's Croft and meadow and all the estate right interest and property
of her the said Francis Hingley of in and unto the said houses gardens croft
meadow and premes to commence and enter upon the possession of the said
premises from Michaelmas last past - To have ... 
4th Octbr 1763
The above named Frances Hingley acknowledg=
ed the beforegoing bill of sale to be her
proper act & deed and also to be fully satisfy'd
& paid the consideracon money therein
mentioned - before me
  Dan Lace
At a sheading court holden at Castle Rushen the 12th Oct 1763
The beforegoing bill of Sale being acknowledged before the Deemster 
and now openly published in Court and no objection offered agt it 
the same is therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law
    Dan Lace   Dan Mcylrea
	John Taubman John Quayle
	            Jon Quillin

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