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South Side Sale, October 1769 #55 Rushen

Thomas Kinley to William Kinley

KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that
I Thos Kinley at the mountain in the parish 
of KK Christ Rushen with the full consent of
my Wife Anne Kinley als Kannall do hereby
Setttle upon our Son William Kinley all our 
Lands with all the Houses and Gardens and
with all the priviliges there unto (ye Same)
belonging after the Decease of the Longer
Liver of us the sd Thos Kinley and sd Wife
and if the sd Son Wm Kinley Shall Happen to
Marry he is to have half of our Estate with half 
of the Houses and Gardens During our life time
or the Longer Liver of us and the Whole after our
Decease.  And the sd Wm Kinley as Soon as He’ll
Possess the half of sd premises, the sd Wm Kinley is
to pay half Land’s Rent together with half of such
other Dues, Suits, and Duties, as are incumbent
upon the premises as usual and accustomed, &
in Consideration of the Settlement, that sd Wm
Kinley Doth hereby oblige himself to Take Care
Of his sd Father & Mother and to keep them
Clean and Decent as becomes Labourers.
AND for performance of the promises both parties 
bind themselves in the penalty of Eighty 
pounds to be Levy’d in the Nature of all Fines
within this Isle as Witness their Marks to their 
Names the 15th day of September 1764.

Signed & Delivered         Thos Kinley his X	
In presence of             Anne Kinley als Kannall her X
     Hen: Taylor his X  Wm Kinley his X
     Ewan Qualthroug	

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7th Oct 1769
            Thos Kinley and Ann Kinley acknowledged
            the within Deed of Settlement to be their
            Proper Act and Deed . and Wm Kinley
            Also acknowledged the same Before me
                  Dan Mylrea
       At a Baron or Sheading Court holden at
       Castletown for Rushen Sheading the 7th Oct.

The before going Deed of Settlement being acknowledged
before the Deemster & now openly published in Court &
no objection opened against it the same is therefore
allowed of, for and in the name and behalf of the
Most Noble John, Duke of Atholl, & Charlotte, Duchess of 
Atholl, Lord and Lady of the Mannor and confirmed
by this Court
                                        Dan Mylrea

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