South Side Sale, October 1734 #21 Rushen

Kath Qualtrough + Wm Waterson and Wm Waterson + Margt Cottiman

At the Matrimonial Contract of William Waterson
shoemaker of the parish of Kk Christ Rushin
and his wife Margt Waterson als Cottiman
late of Douglas; These articles of agreement
were made and concluded upon betwixt Mrs
Catherine Qualtrough of Renwillin of the
sd parish on the one part and William
Waterson aforesd with the consent of his wife
Margret on the other part as folls.-
First The above Mrs Catherine Qualtrough out of
her natural love & affection to her kinsman
William Waterson doth hereby promise to
maintain him & his wife with all necessaries
during her natural life and doth also hereby
give grant estate & settle all her part
of the tenement of Renwillin upon him
the sd Willm Waterson as inheritance
together with all the houses, little miln, gardens
and appurtenances thereunto belonging
of the yearly rent of seven shillings and
sixpence or thereabouts. And it is agreed
upon that he the sd Willm Waterson shall enter
upon the premises immediately after the decease
of Mrs Catherin Qualtrough without any manner
of charge & incumbrance to be at any time
hereafter taken or laid upon the sd Miln &
farm of Renwillin; He the sd Willm Waterson
his heirs, & assigns yielding & paying the Lords
Rent aforesd annually, with all other duties &
services payable and of the premises
after he enters upon possession of the same
The within Mrs Catherin Qualtrough doth likewise
settle upon her said kinsman William Waterson
all her part of the crop of Renwillin after her decease
Also In consideration of the within & above
settlement William Waterson and his
wife Margaret do hereby bind & oblige
themselves to live with the sd Mrs Catharin
Qualtrough, and to take care of her
during her natural life.

William Waterson father to the sd William
doth hereby promise to give his son
an heifer whenever he demands the same.
For the true & fathfull performance of
all, & every the articles, covenants & agreements
before mentioned all parties do bind & oblige
themselves in the penal sum of one hundred
pounds sterling to be ley'd according to law:
In testimany whereof they have hereunto
put their hands, marks & seals this 18th
day of december 1733
Catherin Qualtrough her mk
William Waterson
Margt Waterson her mk
Willm Waterson sen his mk
Signed sealed & deliver'd in presence of
Daniel Callister
John Waterson his mk

12th 7th 1734
Dan: Callister and Jon Watterson the subscribing
witnesses to the within and above agreement or
articles have made oath that the same was duly
excuted by the subscribing partys in their
persones and this before me

[went through sheading court 8th Oct 1734]

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