South Side Sale, May 1740 #75 Rushen

John Watterson & wife to Son John Watterson

Know all men by these presents that I John Watterson of the
Corvalley in the parrish of Crist Russin with the consent of my
wife Margery doe hereby settle and give all our lands in the
sd parrish unto our son John Watterson after the death of
the longer liver of us, abd doe likewise bind ourselves
that he shall have the sd lands free without any incumbrance
thereon by way of mortgage or any other deed, but what
there is on the sd premisses already and wee doe also give our
sd son John liberty to red[eem]e what he can of the mortgages
thereon and take the sd lands for his owne proper use
and benefit without the stop or disturbance of either of us
And for performance thereof wee bind & oblige ourselves
extors admstors or assigns in the penalty of one hundred
pounds to be levied according to law, witness our marks
to our names this 1 day of August 1739
John Watterson my mk
Margery Watterson my X
[] and delivered in presents of us
William Daugherty, John Cotteman Joiner
[attested 3 May 1740]
passed through court 19 May 1740]

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