Old Deeds #7 Rushen

Daniel Waterson and Kath Waterson recorded June 1711

Articles of marriage condesened concluded unto and
greed upon betwixt Daniel Waterson in his own 
behalf & Cathrine Waterson in her own behalf
both parties in ye parrish of Kk Christ Rushin
Imps It is consended unto & greed upon yt Daniel Waterson
and Cathrine Waterson shall meet at ye parrish
church of Kk Christ within a month after the
date hereof, God & Christian people permitting the
2ly: It is consended unto agreed upon yt Chathrine Watt=
erson doe give half of her farm unto her husband
Daniel Waterson while he stayes in her name yt is to
say unmarried after her death, and if so be that Daniel
Waterson have a son by his wife yt he is to enjoy and
possess ye sd farm untill his child takes in from him
likewise if Chathrine Waterson dies befor her husband
that he has free liberty to marry and to take care of
his owne children in ye sd farm untill his son and
heir takes the farm from him
3ly It is agreed upon if Chathrine Watterson dies before a
year & and a day that she leaves to her husband danl
Waterson foure days plowing in a field commonly
known by ye name of Cooil vain next adjoyning to
Jon Gells house for ye full term & time of twenty one
years to enjoy and possess during ye term & time afore
sd because the sd Cathrine is poor and cannot mannage
her farm to the [sd ?] Dan: paying two shillings Lds rent
yearly and every year during the sd time, also it is a=
greed upon if Daniel Watt: die before 12 month yt he
leaves twenty shilling to his wife : In performance of all
the promises abovesd both parties have bound themselves
in ye pennalty of five pounds ye one half to our hon
Lord & ye other half to ye party performing bargan. In
wittness whereofwe sett our hands & marks this 11th of
May 1703
Cathrine Watterson her mk
Daniel Watterson his mrk

Tho Kermod his mk
Finlo Clugas his mk
Nich: Brew his mk
Tho Corrin his mk

Whereas Issable Gell daughter to the within Chatherine
Waterson of Ballikilpatrick have this day given her full
consent to every particion of the within contract, she being
the right heire of the farme as wittness her hand and
mark this 24th of October 1710
Issable Gell her mark

John Nelson his mark
John Garrett

26o: October 1710
The within Kathrin Waterson and Dan Waterson
together with the above Issabell Gell have
acknowledged the within contract and the above
writing to be their voluntary act and deed
before me
Jon Parr

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