South Side Sale, October 1730 #22 Rushen

John Waterson and Cath Gawn

Articles of marriage condicioned concluded and agreed upon between Henry
Waterson of Cregneas in the parish of KK Christ Rushin on the one partie  in the behalf
of his son John Waterson and Isabella Gawn also Waterson of Glendown in the sd [?parish]
in the behalf of her daughter Chatrine Gawn
It is condicioned and agreed upon between the said parties that the said young
cuple shall martt ? at the parish church and enter into the holy state of matrimoney
within a month after the writing hereof God and Christian people permitting
the same
It is condicioned concluded and agreed upon between the sd parties that the said Henry
Waterson doth by these presents give grant and deliver unto his daid son John
Waterson and Chatrine his wife his own half of his land and houses and gardings ^in Creneash^
with all the esasements and liberties thereunto belonging and have granded
and passed over unto my son John Waterson his hyers excrs admrs and assignes
for ever to take posestion after the death of the said Henry Waterson and to
pay unto his brother Henry Waterson twenty shilling when he gettes the land
and to have a sheltar in the house until he go for himself
It is agreed upon between the said parties that the said Isabella Gawn also Waterson
doth hereby give grant and deliver unto the said young cuple halfe of all hir
worldy goods moveable and immoveable after there entier marage
and note that they have agreed upon between the parties that the sd
Isabela Gawn als Waterson doth hereby give unto the sd young cuple for
dowary twenty shilling and bed close a blanket a fledge and a course sheet
and a fine sheet and they are to aquit that half of hir goods and the said
Isabela Gawn also Waterson is to pay all the debts that sit upon them
and for performance of all and singular the above agreements and
articles all parties herreunto have enterchaneable ? ^binds theselves in the penalty of twenty^ hereunto sett there names
and markes this 26 day of July 1729
Henry Waterson my x
Isabela Gawn also Waterson my x
John Waterson my mark x
Charrine Gawn my x

witness present
William Gawn my mark x
Dan: Callister

9th april 1730
Hen Waterson came this day and hath? acknowledged
the above articles to be his act and deed upon
condicion that the younge couple viz Jon Waterson
and Catherine Gawn doe take care of him to cook
his meals and wash his shirts and linens for him
whilst they continue in one house together and this
before me
Cha: Moore

[passed through sheading court 2 Oct 1730]

23 Jan 1769 Henry Waterson acknowledges 20/- due from brother John]

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