Old Deeds #43 Rushen

John Waterson to Jony Crebbin senior recorded June 1713

For as much, as that, I, John Waterson of ye Pish of KK
Christ Rushen, do by these presents, bind, engage, & oblige my
selfe, my heirs exetors,administors, and assignes, in ye penalty
and forfeiture of tenn pounds sterling, one half therof to the
Honble the Lord of this Issle, and the other half to ye party
performing as is hereafter specified. It is though that I, the for
said John Waterson, hath some intrest in a small house and garden at
Port Iron, in ye fore said parish, whether or no I have, I cannot tell
but if I have, any right therunto ; I do by these presents give grant
and absolutely surrender ye same unto my sisters daughter : Jony
Crebbin, who hath half the ye premises as apears by a will from
her grandfather, Edman Poasley, her heirs exetrs and assigns
with all ye easments libertyes and profits whatsoever if there be any
She ye fore said Jony paying our Honble Lords rent being two pence or ther
abouts with all other dues, and dutyes, belonginging to ye fore said house &
garden, her heirs, extors and assignes; And I the fore sd John Waterson
do give this writting to ye fore said Jony Crebbin for her safty and se=
curity, and do quite and discharge myself my heirs extors and assignes
not to make any intrest or title therrunto forever under ye penalty
above menconed as with my mark to my name ye 4 of November 1712
John Waterson my mark x
Jony Crebbin my mark x
Signed & livered in presents of
Henry Cooel my mark x
Wm Cubbon my mark x
Wm Crebbin

[Ack 8 Novembr 1712 before John Parr
[passed through court 3 June 1713]

The Will referred to is probably that of Edmund Pawsley, Archideaconal #50 Rushen 1708

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