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South Side Sale, May 1725 #37 Rushen

Tho Kinley to Tho Kinley

KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that I Thomas Kinley
and Mary my wife in the parish of KK Xt Rushen for ye overall
good causes us hereunto Moving and more Especially for and in
consideration of forty Shillings to be paid in maner as followeth
in our poor and needy condicion of good and lawfull money of England to us
now paid in hand fifteen Shillings and the other twenty Shillings five
Shillings to be paid on the 24th day of June in the year 1725
by our Well beloved son Thomas Kinley now living and cohapiting
with our selves have sould surrendered and passed over and by these
presents surrender and pass over and absolutely sell for ever all
our right title and interest to and in two parcels of Intak land ajoining
to linggage on croft bearing yearly Rent to the Lord Eighteen pen
pence and another parcel of land bearing Rent twenty pence
to have and to hold to him the said our son Thomas Kinley himself 
his heirs Excrs: Adminrs and Assignes for over with all ways
Easements Water and Water courses higways profittes and advantages
there unto belonging he the said our son Thomas Kinley commenceing
from Michelmas nex after the date hereof the said Thomas Kinley
Junor his heirs Exrs: Adminrs and Assignes paying the fore said yearly
Rent only  We reserve to our selves the croft bearing Rent 18d:
and a day plowing in the parcel bearing 20d:  Rent Dureing our
natural life and after our desease he our said son Thomas Kinley
his heirs Excurs Adminrs and Assignes shall Enjoy and posses
all the above premises as is above written he the said out son
Thomas Kinley paying the yearly Rent acording to what he shall
posses wotj all other dues and dutyes incombent upon the said premises
I the said Thomas Kinley senor and Mary my wife do hereby these
presents oblige myself my heirs Exrs: and Assignes to warrant man=
=tain and uphold the said Tho: Kinley Junor his hiers Exrs and Asign [up against page side]
against all person or persons that may here after claim any Right
Title or interest to the same the Right Honrable Lord of this Isle
Excepted and shall do all other things that the Law require for the
security of the said our son Tho: Kinley an his Assigne and I the said
Thomas Kinley Senor do here oblige myself to Enter ye name of the sd
our son Thomas Kinley as lawfull tenent to our Hon?? Lord betwixt
the date hereof and Allhalantide [November] courts in performanc of all and singular
the premises above both the paid parties have bound themselves in
the pennaty of ten pounds sterling to be paid in the nature of all 
fines usal within this Isle in Wittness hereof we have hereunto set our
hands and marks to our names this 25 Day of May 1724 signed and
delivered in the presen of the subscribeing Wittnesses

Christofer Kinley my mark X     Thomas Kinley senor my mark X
John Taylor my mark X           Mary Kinley also Cubon my mark X
                                Thomas Kinley Junor my mark X

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                        29th April 1725
                      Tho: Kinley and his wife Mary Kinley
                      came this day and have Acknowledfed the
                      within Bill of Sale and Surrender to be
                      their Voluntary Act and Deed Before
                       Cha: Moore
                      Att a Sheading Court holden
                      in Castle Rushen 25? May 1725

            The Within Bill of Sale being proved before
            the Deemsr and now published in open Court
            and no objection agst it  The Same is
            allowed of and Confirmed according to Law
            By us
                 Nicho Christian
                 Cha: Moore  Jn: Sanforth
                             Dan: Mcylrea

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