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South Side Sale, October 1740 #49 Rushen

John Kinley to Robert Moore - Sale

Know all men by these presents that I John
Kenley of the parish of KK Arbory Within the
Isle of Mann for and in Consideration of the Sum of
Nine pounds Ten Shillings Current Money to be in
hand paid at the Delivery hereof at by and from
the hands of Robt Moore of the parish of KK
Christ Rushen the Reciept thereof I doe hereby
Acknowledge have given, granted, passed over &
Sold, And doe by these presents give, grant, pass
over and for ever Absolutely Sell Unto the sd Robt – 
Moore his Heyres, Exrs Admrs & Assigns All My
Right Interest and title in and Unto Certain
parcel of Lands in Bradda [strikeout] Which the sd
Kenley Some time Since bought from Henry Crebbin
as by his Bill of Sayle May Appear Commonly
Called and known by the Name of fay ne Leanagh
adjoyning to Knock Corragh at the North Side and
Also Adjoyning the sd Moores Quarterlands on ye South
Side And Also A proportion of the Mountains With
the rest of the parties According the Rent thereof 
being of the Yearly Lords Rent of Eleven pence.
To have & to hold ye sd Lands With the Appurtenances
thereunto belonging together With All Wayes Waters,
Watercourses, Easements liberties and Advantages to ye sd
premises belonging Unto him the Said Robt Moore &
Wife, their Heyres Exrs Admrs & Assignes for ever Without
the lett, Stop hinderance or disturbuance of Me the Said
John Kinley or any person Claiming or to Claime by
from or Under Me he the Sd Robt Moore paying
Yearly & every Year Our Honrble Lords Rent
Afforesd together With All Boones and duties payable

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Out of the Afforesd premisses at ye Seasons Accus=
=tomed Within this Isle  And I the Said John Kenley for
My Selfe Heyres, Exrs, Admrs & Assigns doe Covenant
And Agree to And With ye sd Robt Moore & Ann his Wife
his Heyres Exrs, Admrs & Assignes Not Only to Uphold
Maintain Awarrant and Defend the premisses Afforesd
With their & every of their Appurtenances but likewise
to procure Our Honerble Courts Confirmation to these
presents And Sale And perform Whatever else Shall be
Necessary to be done According to ye Laws of this Island
And for performance of All & Singular ye premisses
& Agreemt Afforesd I ye sd John Kenley doe bind & 
Oblige My Self heyres & Exrs in penalty of Twenty
pounds to be Levyed According to Law  In – 
Testimony Whereof have hereunto put My Name & 
Mark this Sixth day of August 1739

Signed Sealed & delivered
on presence of Us        John Kinley My Mk [red seal]
   Thos Gawn
   Richd Corrin My  X

N. B. it is Considered before the delivery hereof
that Robt Moore is to have the Crop of Corne ^which^ at
this present time is Upon the Afforesd Lands

8d May 1740 John Kinley came this Day
and Acknowledged this within and above
Bill of Sale to be his Voluntary Act and
Deed, and to be Satisfied and paid the full
Consideration Money therein Mencơned – 
Before me
        Jon Taubman

    At a Sheading Court hold in
    Castle Rushen the 22d Octr 1740

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The within Bill of Sale having been
acknowledged before the Deemster and
now openly published in Court and no
objection offered against it therefore the
Same is allowed of and Confirmed – 
according to Law – 
            Dan Mylrea
            Jon Taubman
            Cha: Stanley
            Jon Quayle
            Wm Christian

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