Old Deeds #27 Rushen

James Waterson + Elinor Callister recorded 22 January 1706/7

Articles of Marriage condiconed agreed &
concluded upon betwixt Mrss Margery Stanley
of Ballnahow in the parish of Kk Christ Rushin
in the behalfe of her nephew James Waterson
on the one party; And Liutent Danll Callister
of the sd parish wth the full consent of his
wife Mary Callister als Mcylworrey in the
behalf of their daughter Elinor on the 
other party as follows
Imprimis It is condiconed agreed & concluded upon that
the sd James & Elinor shall enter into ye
holy state of Matrimony wthin a month
after ye date thereof God & holy Church
permitting ye same
2ly  It is condiconed agreed & concluded upon that
ye sd danll Callister wth the consentafsd shall
give in portion or marriage goods to the sd James
wth his sd daughter in money or money worth
the full sume of thirty five pounds sterlg
to be paid before ye expiration of full
three years after the date hereof vizt at
or before the end of one year after their
intermarriage tenn pounds and at or before
the second year tenn pounds more & the re=
naming fifteen pounds at or before the end of
the third year and note that in the sd thirty
five pounds the sd Elinors own goods are to be
3ly  It is condiconed agreed & concluded upon 
that ye sd Margery shall & doth hereby give
for sd nephew the one halfe of all []
houses buildings gardens backsides & yards what=
soever either situate in the sd parish of KK Xt
or within the towne of Castletowne & of all
other her goods & chattles whatsoever movable
& immvable except her money & gold wch
wth the other halfe she reserves to her own
discretion & at her own disposall.
4ly  It is condiconed agreed & concluded upon that
what lands & houses building gardens backsides
& yards (as in the third article hereof are
expresed, that ye sd Margery hereby gives to her
sd nephew shall hereafter descend in the na=
ture of inheritance from the sd James to his
eldest son & for want thereof to his 
eldest daughter & so heriditaryly from child to child
& for want of such children to his next
of kin
5ly  It is condiconed agreed & concluded upon that
if it shall please God to call for either
of the sd young couple under a day & a year
after their intermariage or at any time 
afterwards wthout issue lawfull, the goods
of the party so dying shall returne to ye
now givers if then alive, or otherwise to ye
nest of kin to ye sd party
lastly to the performance of all & singular ye premises
articles covernants & agreemts above & wthin men=
tioned both partys have bound themselves either
to other in the penalty of 100lb sterl the one
halfe to the honble Lord of this Isle & the
the other to the party willing to performe
In testimony whereof they have hereunto
signed their names & marks & fixed their
seales this 26 March 1706
Margery Stanmley als Waterson her mark
Daniel Callister his mark
Mary Callister als Mcylworrey her mark
Signed sealled & delivered in the presence of
Thos Stevenson
John Waterson
Wm Gawne his mark

[confirmed court 21 Nov 1706]

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