Old Deeds #10 Rushen

Henry Waterson To William Clague + William Corrin recorded May 1710

Whereas I Henry Waterson of ye parish of KK Christ
Rushen have lately purchased from Mrs Alice Stevenson
of Castletowne all her right tytle & interest to and in
her part or portion of ye farme or Tenente of Cregneash
in ye sd parish of the annual rent of twenty one shill=
ing two pence halfe penny as by a bill of sale dated ye
sixth day of Octobr 1709 may at large appear : Know
all men by these presents that I the sd Henry Wa[lost]
wth ye full consent of my wife Elizabeth Waterson
als Christian divers considerations me moving but espe=
cially for & in consideration of twenty six shillings
eight pence (being ye two parts of fouty shillings wch
I paid for ye premises) of good & lawfiull money of Eng=
land recd by me at & from ye hands of Will: Clage
of Kentragh & of Wm Corin of ye Howe in ye sd
parish have given granted bargained & sold ; & doe
by these presents give grant bargaine & absolutely
sold unto them ye sd Wm Clage & Wm Corin
all my right tyle & interest to two third parts of my
sd purchases To have & to hold the same wth their
proportion of al easmts libertys profits & advan=
tages to the same in any wise belonging or apper=
taining : To them the sd Wm Clage & Wm Corin their
heirs Exrs Admrs & assignes wthout ye stop let hin=
derence mollestation ijection or eviction of me the
sd Hen: Waterson my heirs exrs admrs or assigns
or any of them for ever. The sd Wm Clage
& Wm Corin their heirs exrs admrs & assignes paying
& yielding yearly & every year the two thirds of
the annual rent before specified wth all due dutyes
& customes proportionably payable out of ye prms for
al ye termes & seasons usually acustomed ; & also to
performe & do all condicions touching the herding
sheep for ye sd Alice Stevenson & her heirs & assignes
vizt 20 sheep yearly for her during life & afterwards
twelve sheep only for heirs & assignes for ever as
covanted in the sd bill of sale dated as afsd the
herding of wch sheep as afsd they ye sd Clage & Corin
their heirs exrs admrs & assignes are to do & performe
joyntly wth me my heirs executrs admrs & assignes for
ever as before mentioned : Furthermore whereas I the
sd Henry Waterson my heirs exrs admrs & assignes are
obliged to pay & clear of besides ye rents customes & dutyes
also what fine is allready due & shall hereafter become
due out of ye premises It is hereby conditioned & agreed
that ye sd Clage & Corin their heirs exrs admrs & 
assignes shall pay off & free the two third parts of
the same according to their proportion of ye sd land
and the sd Henry Waterson do hereby promise & agree to
& wth ye sd Wm Clage & Wm Corin their heirs exrs admrs &
assignes agt ye clame & tytle of any porton or portons
[line lst on film]
confirmation of ye worppll officers hereunto & for ye true
& faithfull performance of all & singular ye premises
I do hereby oblige myself my heirs exrs admrs &
assignes in ye penalty & forfeiture of five pounds
to be paid in ye nature of all fines usuall in this
Isle In witness whereof I have wth ye consent affsd
hereunto put my hand & affixed my seall this 24th
of Nov 1709
Henry Waterson
Elizabeth Waterson als Christian her mark x
Signed sealed & delived in presence of
Finlo Shimin his mark x
Cudworth Prescot his mark x [CP was keeper of the Calf in 1717]
[ack before Jon Parr 29 Nov 1709]
[Sheading court 23 May 1710]

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