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Correction re Rbt Gelling Paper Mill 1802-49
In Response To: Re: Paul Gelling ()

This is to correct my note written in May 7/09 6:18. I said:
"I finally have an answer for this. The Robert Gelling born about 1802 who ran the Paper Mill at Ballamillaghyn matches the Robert Gelling bapt. 5 Dec 1802, eldest (I think) son of Robert Gelling the Miller and Anne Kelly, and therfore grandson of John Gelling d 1812 of Ballamillagyn. "

Well, I was wrong again! Turns out Robert of the Paper Mill is the son of Robert Gelling & Margaret Stevenson of Ballaoates. Refer to notes written on and about Nov 11/09 under "Robert Gelling & Elizabeth Jones".

Both Roberts were born ca 1802, as were about 6 others. No wonder we get confused.