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This thread is a mess, with mislabelled titles. Much of this is actually about a Thomas G who's nothing to do with Paul. Reminder to folks to try to remember to change the title to match the main subject. Thx!

Now back to Paul b 1847 and his father Robert b ca 1807 Douglas. I'm voting for Door #3 as most likely. That is, Robert Gelling bap 15 Mar 1807 Braddan, son of Paul Gelling & Elizabeth Garrett who married 2 Jan 1802 Braddan.

Children of this couple:
1. Paul bp 5 Feb 1803 Braddan. He married Mary Craine 5 Dec 1827 Braddan, is in Toxteth Pk in 1841 and is a widower age 49 Shoemaker in 1851 at T.Pk. He seems to have a new wife Bridget in 1861 Liverpool and is now a street sweeper with several other street sweepers lodging with them. I can't find him after that.
2. William bp 16 Dec 1804 Braddan
3. Robert bp 15 Mar 1807 Braddan
4. Matthias bp 9 Oct 1809 and bd 23 Feb 1812 Braddan
5. Thomas bp 17 Nov 1811 Braddan. Is age 24 in 1841 at Chapel Row Douglas with sister Diana 21. Not sure after that.
6. Joseph bp 27 Feb 1814 and bd 9 Apr 1850 Braddan. He may be the Joseph Gelling 27 J.Joiner in Toxeth Pk in 1841, living with Margaret Gelling 63 widow [of Robt G, was Margaret Quine] and her children. This hints strongly of a relationship and I think she's his aunt.
7. Elizabeth Jane bp 1 Sep 1816 Braddan
8. Dinah/Diana bp 4 Jun 1820. She's a dressmaker age 21 in Douglas with her brother Thomas in 1841. Married John Kelly 20 Jun 1841 St. Peter Church Liverpool and they had 6 children. They came back to Douglas by 1871 and she is buried 14 Oct 1896 Braddan.

#1 Paul married Mary CRAINE and #3 Robert married Catharine CRAINE. Worth checking to see if there's a relationship. We know Catharine's parents are John Craine & Ann Gelling. There's a big space between 1803 and 1810. Mary is recorded as "30" in 1841 but that's all we have as she died 1844.

Re #6 and the hint of relationship. I think it will turn out that Paul Gelling who married Elizabeth Garrett in 1802 Braddan will be the brother of Robert Gelling who married Margaret Quine in 1800 Braddan. Further, they match quite well to be children of Paul GELLING and Jane GELLING who md 27 May 1756 Maughold. Robert's baptism is 28 Apr 1765 Braddan, son of "Paul Gellin and Jane Camlork" according to the IGI. Camlork is a farm, very close to Ballamillaghyn, where Gellings lived for a century or more. Paul's baptism is 16 Apr 1773 Braddan. One worry I have is a Braddan burial of Paul Gelling bachelor aged 30 years Mar 12 1804, and there's a matching will that would be very useful to see.