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Hi Eric,

In your message of Weds 29th April you wrote :

"1. Robert Gelling 20 Dec 1807 St. George Douglas, son of John Gelling & Elizabeth Oates. He's from the Ballamillaghyn Gellings. He's at the Mount Rule Paper Mill in the 1841 census aged 39 and died 1849 age 44 (Braddan burial says Robert Gelling Paper Mill Ballamillaghan). He married in 1822, much too young to be born in 1807. So his baptism was late. Count him out."

In a different thread, Donna has kindly given some MIs for Gellings buried in Braddan and one of them (which turned out to be "not my John Gelling"---mine is in #845 ) reads thus:

GELLING, John 37 Bra 30 May 1825

Braddan Old Yard South
Here lieth the remains of three children of John GELLING and Elizth GELLING alias OATES his wife
John died June 1825 aged 37 years
Robert GELLING Sepbr 828 aged 21 years

Was there more than one John Gelling / Elizabeth Oates couple around at that time ?