Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Re: Thos Gelling b 1810/ brother John b 1803

Aha, there he is, indexed "Gelbing" by Ancestry. Very tricky to find. Thanks for finding this, Jean.
It seems he acquired a new wife and a 2nd family and then poof, she's gone. I didn't have any of these people, so am very happy to have them now. There is an Alice Gelling death in March quarter 1855 Liverpool which I bet is her.

There is a second child with the delightful name of Stanley Tynwald GELLING baptized 1 Sept 1852 Braddan. Perhaps he was born on Tynwald Day? In 1861 as an 8-year old, he's boarding at Ballig, German with James and Amelia KELLY. Turns out Amelia was a GELLING, bp 1805 eldest daughter of Robert GELLING and Judith KILLEY. Other than finding 4 children, that's all I know about them but now I wonder if they connect somehow.

In 1871 Stanley Tynwald is an 18 year old lead miner boarding at Agneash Lonan with Thomas QUINE 32 and his wife Margaret 22 b Liverpool. After more sleuthing I discovered that Margaret is Margaret Jane GELLING (md 1870), Stanley's older sister. She is deceased by 1873 after 2 daughters, both of whom I think died.

Stanley married Amelia FARAGHER 1 Jan 1880 Kirk German and then immediately headed for Dalton-in-Furness in the Ulverston area. I found 4 children born there, one of whom also named Stanley Tynwald died age 4. Like his father, he bounced back and forth between the island and the mainland. Stanley lived on to 1928 and Amelia to 1944 age 90, both buried at Braddan.