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Correction Gelling: BB Thurs 7 May/09 8:36PM

This posting regarding the children of Paul Gelling and Elizabeth Garrett (md 1802 Braddan) needs some correcting.

We (Kay, Jean, Eric) are now almost certain that Robert b 1807 of this couple is the father of Paul Gelling who went to America and is the ancestor of Anne Lehan at the start of this thread.

Regarding the 8 children of Paul & Elizabeth, some corrections and additions are needed. All children baptized Braddan.

1. Paul bp 5 Feb 1803: I no longer think he's the one who married Mary Craine 1827 Braddan. Instead, I think he married Margaret Gelling 10 Nov 1839 Old Church, St Pancras, London. They are in London 1841 and Douglas in 1851 and 1861, and he is buried 28 Jun 1867 at Braddan age 64. I haven't determined who his wife Margaret Gelling is yet. I think she's the one buried 2 Sep 1886 Braddan age 79. Perhaps she was a widow at her marriage?
2. William bp 16 Dec 1804. Still don't know who he is.
3. Robert 15 Mar 1807. Married Catharine Craine (d of John Craine & Ann Gelling) 28 Aug 1832 Braddan. Discussed above.
4. Matthias 1809-1812
5. Thomas 17 Nov 1811. Nothing new, though perhaps the "GELLING, Tom, 54, 1866, Illinois, Du Page, Addison, 2" mentioned in "1920 Strays by Barbara Blackie Manx BB 2 May 2003 in USA"??
6. Joseph 1814-1850. Nothing new.
7. Elizabeth Jane 1 Sep 1816. Nothing more.
8. Dinah 4 Jun 1820. As before, plus she seems the most likely to be the Dinah Gelling who with William Clucas had a child named John 28 Jun 1839 Kirk German and who was buried age 9 months 15 Mar 1840 Braddan. Dinah married John Kelly i20 Jun 1841 in Liverpool.