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Re: Anne Gelling MI look up please

I am so surprised by this. The correct Thomas is the one I had picked before, then rejected because the Thomas who married Agnes Brough seemed like such a better choice. Genealogy amazes us at times.

This is definitely correct because son Philip b 1848 is with his uncle and aunt Kellett in 1871 and then again with his widowed aunt in 1891 and 1901.

IOMFHS Braddan Burials: GELLING Thomas 71 yrs Ballasalla KK Malew Nov 3 1883 MS 9073/5 358/359

Here's what I have for him:

1841 census: I can't find him

He married Anne Esther BRIDSON 8 Apr 1846 Malew. She was bp 7 Apr 1817 Malew d of Philip BRIDSON & Mary MOORE who md 26 Jul 1815 Malew.

1. Thomas b 1847 W.Derby bd 3 Apr 1878 Malew
2. Philip b 1848 Liverpool bd 6 May 1904 Malew bachelor
3. Anna Maria b 1849 W.Derby and bp 14 Jul 1850 Arbory. Bd 14 Sep 1917 Malew spinster.
4. Daniel b 1851 Liverpool and bp 4 Oct 1854 Santan. In census as a schoolteacher with mother in 1891 but can't find him after.
5. Arthur Bridson b 25 Aug 1854 bp 4 Oct 1854 Santan bd 12 Feb 1940 age 85 Malew bachelor
6. Martha bp 22 Jan 1863 Malew, md 27 Mar 1886 Robert CUBBON and had issue. Bd 12 Dec 1928 Malew.

Note the big gap between #5 & #6. Thomas was missing in 1861 census and his wife is stated as a "widow". Did he disappear for awhile?

1851 census at 15 Coopers Row, Liverpool HO107/2180 485 pg 80 #280
Thomas GELLING, Head M 38 Victualer, b Isle of Man
Ann GELLING, Wife M 32, b Isle of Man
Thomas GELLING, Son 4 Scholar, b Liverpool
Annia GELLING, Daur 1, b Liverpool
Betsey CLEGG 17 House Servant, b Isle of Man
Kate CLEGG 15 House Servant, b Isle of Man
[Philip age 3 is with grandmother Bridson at Arbory]

1861 census: can't find him but here is Ann:
1861 census at Malew RG9/4424 9 pg 12 #56 (543281)
Ann GELLING, Head Widow 44 Fund holder, b Isle of Man Malew [why 'Widow"?]
Thomas GELLING, Son Un 14 Scholar, b England
Anne GELLING, Daur Un 11 Scholar, b England
Daniel GELLING, Son Un 9 Scholar, b England
Arthur GELLING, Son Un 6 Scholar, b Isle of Man Malew
[Philip GELLING age 13 is with step-grandparents Dawson/Bridson at Arbory]

1871 census at No 21 Ballasalla Street, Malew RG10/5777 90 pg 8 #40 (895846)
Thomas GELLING, Head Mar 56 Annuitant, b Isle of Man Malew
Anne GELLING, Wife Mar 53 Wife, b Isle of Man Malew
Thomas GELLING, Son Unmar 24 Shoemaker, b England
Anna GELLING, Daughter Unmar 21 Dress Maker, b England
Daniel GELLING, Son Unmar 19 Pupil Teacher, b England
Arthur GELLING, Son Unmar 16 Apprentice Cabinet maker, b Isle of Man Malew
Martha GELLING, Daughter Unmar 8 Scholar, b Isle of Man Malew
>Catherine CAIN, Head Unmar 54 Laundress, b Isle of Man Malew
[next door is John BRIDSON Mar 67 Oversea of Highways, b Isle of Man Malew, and his wife Elizabeth 46 b Arbury, and children]
[Philip GELLING is a nephew age 21 living with Henry KELLETT & Anne KELLETT (als GELLING) at Stanley Terr Douglas. He's with his Aunt Anne Kellett again in 1891 and 1901]

1881 census at Ballasalla No 15, Malew RG11/5607 93 pg 15 #64 (1342347)
Thomas GELLING, Head Mar 68 Painter (House), b Douglas Isle of Man
Anne Esther GELLING, Wife Mar 63 Painters Wife, b Malew Isle of Man
Philip GELLING, Son Unm 32 Bookbinder & Stationer, b Liverpool
Anna Maria GELLING, Daughter Unm 29 Dressmaker, b Liverpool
Martha GELLING, Daughter Unm 18 Dressmaker, b Malew Isle of Man
[Next is John Bridson 82 Surveyor Overseer of High Roads b Malew, and wife Elizabeth 60 b Arbory and son John 11 b Ballascalla Isle of Man ]

1891 census at Ballasalla, Malew RG12/4690 82 pg 6 #36 (6099800)
Annie GELLING, Head of Family, Wid 74 Living on her own Means, b Isle of Man
Daniel [indexed Laniel] GELLING, Son S 39 Public Elementary School, b England

Burial: GELLING, Ann Esther 74 Mal 3 Sep 1891 (BL Web)