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Yes, this all matches with what I have.

Robert Gelling was buried 12 Jun 1879 age 72 (Brian's burial list)
His ages of 44, 54 and 64 for 1851-1871 are so consistent that we can look around 1807 for his birth.

Here are some candidates:
1. Robert Gelling 20 Dec 1807 St. George Douglas, son of John Gelling & Elizabeth Oates. He's from the Ballamillaghyn Gellings. He's at the Mount Rule Paper Mill in the 1841 census aged 39 and died 1849 age 44 (Braddan burial says Robert Gelling Paper Mill Ballamillaghan). He married in 1822, much too young to be born in 1807. So his baptism was late. Count him out.
2. Robert Charles Gelling bp 6 Dec 1808 St. George Douglas, son of Robt Gelling & Martha Mylchreest. This family moved to Liverpool right after and had another Robert later. Count him out.
3. Robert Gelling bp 15 Mar 1807 Braddan, son of Paul Gelling & Elizabeth Garrett. Dates fit. Robert always said he was born Douglas, but he might have been baptized in Braddan. This is possible. I've been testing to see if Paul Gelling comes from the Camlork group of Gellings, but not sure.
4. Robert Gelling, bp 16 Mar 1806 Braddan son of Thos Gelling & Elizabeth Kelly. This is a Ballanicholas Marown family, and Thomas made the 1851 census. The family descends from John Gelling & Ann Fayle who's son Robert was the Schoolmaster of Marown. I think the 1806 Robert is the one who married Eleanor Kinley 1836 Lonan and was a lead miner at the Laxey Mines. Buried 25 May 1845 age 38.

Relooking at these, I'm not sure #3 and #4 couldn't be the other way around. The name "Paul" appears in #3, which makes me favour it. No Pauls anywhere in family #4

Catharine Craine, who is the wife of Robert Gelling (married 28 Aug 1832 Braddan) may be the one bp 28 Mar 1810 St. Matthews d of John Craine and Ann Gelling. They married 14 Sep 1800 and Ann was buried 31 Mar 1814 age 35 Braddan. However, there are a couple of other Catharine Craines born at the same time, which should be checked.

The 1841 census entry is interesting. The very first name on it Jean identifies as John Gawne age 60. However the first letter definitely isn't a G. Ancestry calls it "Coune". I now think it's "Cowne". I wonder what the connection is?
The 1841 is close to Jas Gelling 26 Grocer and Rich'd Gelling 13 Assistant. I don't know who these people are yet.