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The Maughold parish register has these bapts:
GELLING John James [son of] Thomas Gelling/ Agnes [bapt] Parish Church 27 May 1849
GELLING Robert Thomas Gelling/ Agnes Brough Parish Church 14 Jan 1844
GELLING William Thomas Gelling/ Agnes Brough Parish Church 20 Sep 1846
GELLING Agnes Thomas Gelling/ Agnes Brough Parish Church 10 Sep 1860
GELLING Thomas Thomas Gelling/ Agnes Bruff Parish Church 10 Apr 1842
GELLING Catherine Jane Thomas Gelling/ Ann Brough Parish Church 1 May 1853

Maughold marriages:
29 Feb 1872
Robert KERRUISH, Full age, Bachelor, Farmer, Ballastowell, [father] Robert Kerruish, Farmer, and
Catharine Jane GELLING, Minor , Spinster, Corna Mill, [father] Thomas Gelling, Miller.

5 May 1883
John James GELLING, Full age, Bachelor, Miller, Maughold, [father] Thomas Gelling, Miller, and
Eleanor Cottier CORKILL, Full age, Spinster, Maughold, [father] John Corkill, Farmer.

Catherine Jane KERRUISH aged 27 yrs was buried in Maughold on Feb 9 1881. Their children were:
KERRUISH Agnes Annie [Daur of] Robert Kerruish/ Catharine [bapt] Parish Church 24 Aug 1873
KERRUISH Catharine Gertrude Robert Kerruish/ Catharine Parish Church 6 Jun 1875
KERRUISH Mary Jane Robert Kerruish/ Catharine Jane Parish Church 7 Apr 1872
KERRUISH Robert Edward Robert Kerruish/ Catherine Jane Parish Church 1 Jul 1877

According to Constance Radcliffe Robert Kerruish had a son Thomas from his second marriage to Ann.

Robert KERRUISH aged 66 yrs., Ballastole, Maughold, buried 21 Feb 1918.
Ann KERRUISH 74 yrs., Ballastole, Maughold, buried 23 May 1923.