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Hi Jean,

Those 4 people I noted in John Caveen's and Elinor Quayle's Ancestry profiles are not necessarily DNA matches - I distinguish between who is a DNA match and those who are (suspected as having) a Common Ancestor link with me.

Of the 4 people JF is the only one who is a DNA match and their line comes down from John and Elinor's son John, brother of 'my' Ralph Caveen.

The other 3 - including Noreen -are not DNA matches AND all come down through the line of Thomas Caveen and Catharine Harrison, and as you say, we now know that Thomas' father was Richard and as yet we don't know how or if, he is linked to my line of Caveens. I found those people as they all had (who I thought were my) Caveens on their tree.
I've now deleted them as sharing a Common Ancestor as we don't know how Richard, father of Thomas who married Cath Harrison is related to my line.

I'm thinking of signing up for the 14 day free trial with My Heritage and that might throw up more DNA matches with the Caveen's, however, as we suspect my link with Thomas Caveen, son of Richard, is a long way back there may not be any residual DNA to match anyway.

Thanks for your input in this puzzle, it sure is baffling.