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Re: Caveen
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Thank you so much for the information you have given me.

Yes Jean, I think you're absolutely right that I had the wrong Thomas on my tree - brother to my direct ancestor Ralph - and I have unlinked him and his wife Catherine Harrison from that line on my tree. I've got quite an extensive range of descendants from Thomas and Catherine, so I really now would like to find how Richard links in with my other Caveen's - if that is at all possible. There was a record on Ancestry which had Richard's correct dod which stated he lived in Santon?

Anyhow, I've now added the information you've given me, and through that process I saw that you had inadvertently answered my question from earlier today - the parents of William Caveen who died 8 Mar 1885.

Frances, thank you too for your contribution to my query regarding William and his parentage - I'd posted the query without realising that Jean had posted speculative trees which also included him and his parents.