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Filling in a few gaps for baker/harbour master, John Caveen b 1817 Malew, son of Thomas Caveen and Cath Harrison. His wife was widow Elizabeth McLaughlan / McLachlan / McLoughlan etc nee Hampton b 1808. Her first marriage was to David McLaughlan in Oct 1828 Malew (she was a minor, with consent of her guardians):

John’s parents and sister:

Malew St, CT

Ancestry’s transcription:

Name Age
Thomas Caveen 59
Catherine Caveen 57
Anne Caveen 15
Jane Clague 25

TC 59 tailor


Cath Caveen nee Harrison, widow, with married daughter, Ann:

Hope St, Castletown

Ancestry’s transcription:


Thomas Cretney 33
Ann Cretney 26
James Cretney 6 Mo
Cathrine Cavan 70

TC 33 shoemaker b Malew
AC 26 wife b Castletown
JC 6 months b CT
Cathrine Caveen 70 mother in law widow b Malew


John Caveen b 1817 a few weeks prior to his marriage to widow Elizabeth McLauchlan nee Hampton b 1808:

Malew St, Castletown

Ancestry’s mistranscription (Cavern should be Caveen):

John Cavern 20
Edward Lawson 15
Jane Martin 55
Mary Cannell 20
Isabella Mancin 15

John Caveen 20 baker, in a building with 2 other bakers.

John’s future wife shortly before her second marriage:

Elizabeth nee Hampton b 1808 with the McLauchlan children from her first marriage to David McLaughlan:

Quay, Castletown

Ancestry’s transcription:

Name Age
Elizb Mc Lougland 30
William Mc Lougland 11
Mary Mc Lougland 8
Thomas Mc Lougland 5
Richard Mc Lougland 7 Mo

EM 30 publican
all b IOM
Richard 7 months born circa Nov 1840 and baptised 2 June 1841 Castletown St Mary’s, parents David and Elizth McLachlin, tailor of CT.

John and Elizabeth with son Richard now listed as Richard Caveen:

Great Nelson St, Douglas

Ancestry’s transcription (Careen should be Caveen):

Name Age
John Careen 33
Elizabeth Careen 42
Mary McLaughlan 19
Thomas McLaughlan 14
Richard Careen 10
Mary Brean 50
Jane Callege 15

JC 33 baker and publican b Castletown
EC 42 b Castletown
MB 50 widow visitor dressmaker b Douglas
Jane College 15 servant b Douglas
RC 10 son b CT
MM 19 “daughter in law” should be stepdaughter b CT
TM 14 “son in law” should be stepson b CT

Quay, Castletown

John Caveen 43 Harbour Master b CT
Elizabeth Caveen 53 b CT


Quay, Castletown

Name Age
John Caveen 52
Elizth Caveen 61
Alice Mc Lochlan 13

JC 52 Harbour Master b CT
EC 61 b CT
AM 13 granddaughter b LP

Quay, Castletown

Name Age
Elizabeth Caveen 70
Alice J. Mc Lauchlan 21
John Jas. Caveen 16
Edith Caveen 7
Margaret Thomson 76

AJM grdau b LP
others all b CT
EC 70 widow
JJC 16 and EC 7 grandchildren
MT 76 sister widow


Richard Caveen / McLaughlan b 1840 married Mary Ann Thomson in Malew in 1864. He was a baker and gave his father’s details as John Caveen, harbour master. The witnesses were William McLaughlan and Mary McLaughlan. He had been baptised (2 June 1841, parents David and Elizth Mclaughlan---he was age approx 7 months old) only a few weeks before his mother married John Caveen. This suggests that David McLaughlan died no later than March 1840, if he was Richard’s biological father. I can’t find a burial. He was alive in 1836 (or whenever Pigot’s 1837 directory was compiled) ---he was listed as an innkeeper on Quay, Castletown.

Thomas Creighton McLauchlan b 1836 married (as a minor) Sophia Hallows in Braddan Aug 1855 and he gave his father’s details as John Caveen, baker. John Caveen signed as a witness.

John Caveen and Eliz McLaughlan nee Hampton had these children:

John bap 1 March 1843 Castletown St Mary’s, father a baker.
Margaret Elizabeth bap 23 May 1851 Douglas, father an innkeeper.

Both children died young.

Jean C