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William Caveen b.1807 d.1885
By:Denise Aylward
Date: 28/4/2020, 2:41 pm
I've discovered another previously unknown Caveen and would like to find his parents and link them to my tree, if possible.
William Caveen was bap 22 Feb 1807 in Malew to Thomas and Ann(e) Corris and died 8 Mar 1885 at Ballamona, Braddan aged 77..
I haven't been able to trace back to find Thomas' parents nor find any record of his mother Ann(e) Corris or her parents.
I have found Census records in 1861 for William Caveen, his wife Anne nee Kelly and their children Margaret and Edward.
Any help will be most gratefully appreciated.

Re: William Caveen b.1807 d.1885
Date: 28/4/2020, 4:50 pm
In Response To: William Caveen b.1807 d.1885 (Denise Aylward)
a Thomas Caveen seems to have 2 illeg children by Jane Killy + Wm by Anne Corris - I have a bond + security Dated 11 Jan 1819;Thomas Caveen(the Green, Castletown) acks indebted to Ralph Caveen(Braddan) for £10(Brit) at 5% and give as security my dwelling house on the Green bounded on NW by Thomas Clague and on the SE by the road; Witt Sarah Kelly, Mary Christian (Thos signs); Redeemed 29 Mar 1819 acked by Ralph ('x')
This is the house built on a plot Thomas bought in 1799.
(He would not appear to be married as generally would need a wife's agreement for mortgaging the house)
Never found any bapt for Ralph nor for Thomas.


Denise, you’ll find William Caveen b 1807 on the chart labelled “speculation 2”. His father was Thomas Caveen bap 14 Nov 1756 Arbory. Thomas and his twin William were 2 of the sons of Thomas Caveen and Cath Cubbon.

Thomas died 15 Sept 1819 and he left a very interesting will. I’ll attach a couple of pages from it showing that he was a bachelor with 3 children.

You can find a nice clear image of it here (pages 625 to 641):


Jean C