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Re: Eleanor Callow and John Caveen

Hi Denise

I found your tree on Ancestry and discovered that some records for your direct line had proved difficult to trace and some were perplexing (eg your g g grandfather John Caveen b 1816 appearing in the 1851 census as an unmarried 31 yr old with his parents Ralph and Isabella, even though he had married Elizabeth Gelling in 1837). I love looking for tricky-to-find records, so here are my discoveries. I’ve mixed them in with the records you already have to show continuity.


Name: John Caveen • Edit
Event Type: Christening
Event Place: Braddan, Isle of Man • Edit
Gender: Male
Father's Name: Ralph Caveen • Edit
Mother's Name:

Event Date: 25 Aug 1816 • Edit
Event Place: Braddan, Isle of Man • Edit
Gender: Male
Father's Name: Ralph Caveen • Edit
Mother's Name: Isabella Craine

John’s parents and siblings in 1841 after he’d left home:

Ballaclucas Cottage, Marown

Ancestry’s transcription:

Ralph Caveen 50
Isabella Caveen 55
Thos Caveen 20
Margt Caveen 14

RC 50 farming
TC 20 shoe maker

Mount Rule, Braddan

Ancestry’s transcription:

Name Age
Ralph Caveen 60
Isabella Caveen 65
John Caveen 31
Robert Caveen 10
Thomas Hammin 25

RC 60 boot and shoe maker b Arbory
IC 65 b Onchan
JC 31 son, boot and shoe maker b Braddan (This 31 yr old is actually son Thomas b 1819, not John ----- In 1851 John b 1816 was a police constable in Liverpool with his first wife Elizabeth nee Gelling and most of their children---see below) This 31 yr old Thomas Caveen shoemaker married Esther Kewley in LP in June 1859 giving his father’s details as Ralph Caveen, shoemaker.
RC 10 grandson b Malew (this is Robert b 1840 Malew, son of John Caveen and Elizabeth Gelling)
Thomas Shimmin visitor

Below are John Caveen and Elizabeth nee Gelling with their 2 oldest children:

Balla Lonne, Malew

Ancestry’s mistranscription (Raveen should be Kaveen)
Name Age
John Raveen 25
Elizabeth Raveen 28
John Raveen 3
Robert Raveen 5 Mo

John 25 farmer

I’ve found your great grandmother Alice Caveen b 1844 in the 1851 census with her family, (a few months before her pregnant mother died) in St John’s village, Liverpool.

St John’s Village, Liverpool

Ancestry’s mistranscription (Havern should be CAVEEN):


John Havern 37
Elizabeth Havern 39
John Havern 13
Isabella Havern 8
Alice Havern 6
Elizabeth Havern 4
Jane Havern 3
Thomas Kelly 22

image very poor.
JC 37 police officer b IOM
EC 39 and JC 13 both b IOM
other chn all b Liverpool
TK 22 lodger police officer b IOM
(Robert b 1840 was in the IOM with his grandparents)

10/9 Court Mason St, West Derby, LP

Ancestry’s transcription:
Name Age
John Caveen 45
Elizabeth Caveen 47
Robert Caveen 20
Elizabeth Caveen 14
Jane Caveen 12

JC 45 police officer b IOM British Subject
EC 47 b IOM (John’s second wife, Eliz nee Lewin, m LP 1852)
RC 20 roper b IOM
JC 12 b LP

When Elizabeth Caveen b 1847 married James Ewing in LP in 1870, she gave her father’s details as John Caveen, farmer. Alice Caveen signed as a witness.

Cooil Rd, Braddan, IOM

Ancestry’s transcription:

Name Age
John Caveen 54
Elizabeth Caveen 57

JC 54 retired police officer b Braddan
EC 57 b Douglas

I can’t find Alice Caveen in 1861. Her sister Isabella was an 18 yr old house servant in Lower Bebington, Cheshire.

She must have had a tough time because in 1871 she was in West Derby Union Workhouse age 24, a domestic servant. It seems likely that she was in there for her confinement because with her was 2 week old Robert Caveen. His birth was registered in Jun Q 1871 followed by a death reg in Sep Q 1871.

Jean C