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The intack sold looks to be part of an entry under Intacks of 1704 composition book
Thomas Caveen beg [ie junr] enters for several parcels one of 2d,one of 1.5d + another of 1d compounded for in 1643 by John Caveene - Deemster Parr complains that part of one rent was for a garden along his land and taken out of the highway before 1610 but comes to some arrangement with Thomas.

In 1691 there was only one entry - Thomas Caveene one of whose names from 1643 still in being was John Caven then aged 58 and son of Gilbert Caveene however in the 1643 book (not always fully readable) has Jo Kegin which in 1679 is rendered Jo Kegeene son of Gilbert Caveene - is it posible that Kegin/Kegeene is an early rendition of Caveen