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Denise, if you look at “Speculation 2” you’ll see that there are 2 children born in 1810/1811 named Cath Caveen. They were both born in Castletown. I’ve been trying to work out which was which so that if you can find living descendants, you can look for a DNA match (or non match) to you.

Here are my notes:
Distinguishing between:

CC 1)--- Cath Caveen bap 28 Feb 1811 Malew to Thos Caveen and Cath Harrison


CC 2)---- Cath Caveen bap 30 Sept 1810 Malew, illegitimate daughter of Thos Caveen and Jane Killey

You might expect to have a DNA match to a descendant of CC 2) but either a very weak match or a non-match to CC 1).

One married John Proctor 12 June 1842 in Liscard, Cheshire, and gave her birthplace as Castletown IOM in the censuses.

One married John Quilliam 9 May 1837 Malew and she gave her birthplace as Castletown in the censuses.

Name: John Procter
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 12 Jun 1842

Event Place: St John, Liscard, Cheshire, England
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Name: Catherine Caveen
Spouse's Marital Status: Single

No image available.

Prior to the marriage:

Liscard Hall, Cheshire

Ancestry’s transcription:

Name Age
John Tobin 32
Emila Tobin 25
Frances Tobin 3
John Tobin 1
Marian Amared 20
Mary Hughes 27
Catharine Caveen 28
Jane Miggall 33
John Pritchard 25

CC 28 FS (not born in Cheshire).

John Proctor 25 gardener (not born in Cheshire) was on Union St, Egremont, Cheshire, 4 pages away from Cath Caveen.

Owens Terrace, Liscard, Cheshire

Ancestry’s transcription:

Name Age
John Proctor 35
Catharine Proctor 40
Anna Proctor 5
John Alexander Proctor 1
John Mc Kann 41
Joseph Shires 10
Thomas C Sherer 14

JP 35 gardener b IOM
CP 40 lodging house keeper b IOM
2 chn b Wallasey
3 lodgers

Hard Meadow, Accrington, Lancs

Ancestry’s transcription:


John Proctor 45
Catherine Proctor 47
John Proctor 11
William Henry Proctor 9

JP 45 gardener b Douglas IOM
CP 47 b Castletown, IOM
2 sons b Egremont, Cheshire

Daughter Anna b 1846 married John Fryer in Halifax 5 June 1869. Father John Proctor, gardener. Wit: John Alexander Proctor and Maria Sykes.


Poss death of Cath b 1811:

Name: Catherine Proctor
Estimated birth year: abt 1813
Registration Year: 1869
Registration Quarter: Jul-Aug-Sep
Age at Death: 56
Registration district: Halifax
Parishes for this Registration District: View Ecclesiastical Parishes associated with this Registration District
Inferred County: Yorkshire West Riding
Volume: 9a
Page: 287

Name: Catherine Proctor
Age: 51
Birth Year: abt 1818
Burial Date: 26 Aug 1869
Burial Place: Mount Pellon (Halifax), Christ Church, Yorkshire, England
Parish: Mount Pellon (Halifax), Christ Church

residence: Birks Hall Lodge, Halifax

Now the other Cath Caveen b 1810/1:

Name: John Quilliam • Edit
Event Type: Marriage
Event Date: 09 May 1837 • Edit
Event Place: Malew, Isle of Man • Edit
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Name: Catharine Caveen • Edit
Spouse's Gender: Female
Spouse's Marital Status: Single

witnesses: George Quilliam and John Blackburn

Green (next to Mount Strange) Malew


John Quilliam 25
Cath Quilliam 25
John Quilliam 2
Thos Quilliam 1 Mo

JQ 25 mariner

Alms House Lane, Douglas

Ancestry’s transcription:


John Quillian 37
Catherine Quillian 40
John Quillian 12
Thomas Quillian 8
Fanny Quillian 5
George Quillian 3
Catherine I Quillian 1

JQ 37 mariner b Douglas
CQ 40 b Castletown
JQ 12 b CT
TQ 8 b CT
others b Douglas

Big Well St, Douglas

Name Age
John Quilliam 49
Catherine Quilliam 51
Thomas Quilliam 18
Fanny Quilliam 15
George Quilliam 13
Catherine Quilliam 11

JQ 49 sailor b Douglas
CQ 51 b Castletown

most likely burial:

Name: Catharine Quilliam • Edit
Event Type: Burial
Event Date: 24 Nov 1867 • Edit
Event Place: Malew, Isle of Man • Edit
Age: 57
Birth Year (Estimated): 1810
Record Number: 129

image shows “abode Douglas”

I’ve just noticed that your Ancestry tree lists the names of 4 tree owners who have a DNA match to you.

Noreen, who is one of those matches, has assumed that Cath Quilliam nee Caveen (her g g grandmother) is the daughter of Thos Caveen and Cath Harrison. But because we now know that Thomas Caveen b 1782 –husband of Cath Harrison – was the son of Richard Caveen (therefore only very distantly related to you, link as yet unknown, or not related at all ), we can speculate that her Cath Quilliam nee Caveen b 1810 was the illegitimate daughter of Thomas Caveen b 1756 and Jane Killey.

This would make Noreen a g g g g granddaughter of Thomas Caveen and Cath Cubbon (and you are a g g g g g granddaughter of Thos Caveen and Cath Cubbon ?)---I think that this makes you and Noreen 5th cousins-once-removed. Does your DNA match (cMorgans) reflect this ?

You mention a “Meghan” in your list of matches---I can’t find a tree for her.

Jean C