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These pages contain full text versions of various books and/or documents relating to the Isle of Man.

Volumes in the Manx Society Publications are covered elsewhere though edited editions of previously published works are included in the list below.

All are now out of copyright. The texts are from my personal library and are chosen to support pages concerned with social history etc.

In some cases only relevant chapters/sections are given. Please note these texts are chosen on various grounds and do not reflect the latest research on any one topic.

For those with frames-enabled browsers frame-based table of contents pages are available which may make browsing easier.

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Extracts from longer works (often not wholly or directly connected with Isle of Man):

Although Manx language texts are not a main feature of my site - there are some used to illustrate other themes (generally an English translation is provided)

A few novels dealing with the Isle of Man are also scanned

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