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Holden's Directory, 1814

Holden's Annual Directory ... comprising London and 480 separate towns in England, Scotland, and Ireland. First edition for the years 1814, 1815.

This transcript is taken from a copy in the Manx Museum where it is dated 1811 which may well better reflect the information.

[note some typographic errors corrected e.g. Christian spelled Christain but other strangely anglicised Manx names left as printed]

Man, Isle of

is in extent from 35 to 40 miles, Lying N.E. and, S.W. and in breadth from 8 to 16 miles having a ridge of mountains running in the centre from S. to North. The compass bearing, and the distances from the Head-Lands or Harbour of the Island, to the opposite Head-Lands or Harbours in the Channel, are as follows : viz. From Douglas Head to St. Bees Light, Whitehaven, E. by N. 42 miles. Liverpool, North West Buoy, S. by E.½ E. 60 miles ; and from thence, to the Port of Liverpool, 12 miles.

From Liverpool to London 204 miles or 276 from London. From Point of Ayre, the extent of the isle, North, to Port of Whitehaven, E. by S ¼:S. 28 miles. Kirkcudbright, N. E. ½ E. 24 miles. Mull of Galloway, N. W by N. ¾ N. 21 miles. Strangford Lough, W. by N. ½ N. 40 mile. From the Calf of Man, the extent of the isle South, to Mull of Galloway, N. N. E. 56 miles. Strangford Lorgh, N. N W. ½ W. 29 miles. Dublin W. by:S. ¾ S: 60 miles. Holy Head, S. S. W. 45 miles. Liverpool, N. W. Buoy, S. S. ½ E.. 68 miles Chief towns are, Castle-Town, Douglas, Ramsey, and Pieltown [sic Peeltown]. The former is the seat of government. Douglas is the largest the port of which, nearly the whole of the commerce of the island empties. Marketdays, on Wednesday and Saturday, at Castletown, Ramsey, and Peel, on Saturday. Fairs, forty-four, annually, for horses, horned cattle, sheep, &c.. The chief 5th Jan. at St. Mark’s Chapel. 15th May, at Ballaugh bridge. 19th June, at Sulby bridge. 5th July, at St. John’s Chapel. 26th Aug at Ballaugh. 12th Nov at Douglas.. 20th Nov. at Jurby.

Distances from Castle town. To Peel town 12 miles. To Ramsey, 24 miles, viz. To St. John’s Chapel, 9 ; Kirk Michael Inn, 7 ; Ramsey, 8 ; total 24. To Douglas, 10 miles. To Ballasalla village 2, Newtown house 4 ; Middle house, ; Douglas, 2; total 10. To Doveby house, 2 miles to Port Iron,5 .to Port St. Mary, 5½ .
Distances from Douglas to Peel town 12 miles. To St John's total 9 to Peel town, 3 ; total 12. ,To Ramsey by St John’s and Kirk Michael,24 miles. To St. John’s, 9 ; to Kirk Michael, 7 ; to Ramsey 3, total 4. By Laxey viilage 16 miles. To Kirk. Onchan village, 2 to Laxey bridge, 6 ; to Ramsay, 8 ; total 16. . From Ramsey to the Point of Ayre, 6 miles ; from Peel town : to Kirk Michael Inn, by the short road, 6 miles ; and from thence to Ramsey, 8.


His Majesty’s Whitehaven and Douglas packet The Lady Elizabeth receives the Mail,at Whitehaven, every Monday evening, and waits three days after her arrival, in the Isle of Man, for the Isle of Man letters. The Brilliant sails twice a week, between Liverpool and Douglas. Burrow and Fleetwood, Liverpool, owners. The Friends, sails twice a week, between Liverpool and Douglas. Leece and Drinkwaters, Liverpool, owners. Packet boats and traders, between Douglas and . Liverpool. Duke of Athol, owners, Leece and Drinkwater, Duchess of Athol, owners, Burrows and Fleetwood.

ADAMS George, tinman and brazier, Douglas
Athol His; excellency, the most noble John Duke of, Governor in chief and Captain General, Castle Mona

Bailey Thomas, agent to the Globe Insurance Company, Douglas
Bankes William shopkeeper, Douglas
Banks Robert, Douglas
Beatson John, wine & liquor-vaults, Douglas
Bell John, merchant and fish curer, Douglas
Brew Thomas, brewer, Kellea, near Ramsey
Bridson and Harrison, merchants and fish curers, Douglas
Brown Rev: John, Governor’s Chaplain, Castle town
Buck William, brick and tile-maker, Douglas

Cain William, shopkeeper, Castle town
Cain John, wheelwright, Douglas
Callow George, & Silvester, shopkeeers, Douglas
Callow Edward, boat builder and ship carpenter
Cannel Robert, chandler, Douglas
Cannel —, milliner and fancy goods, Douglas
Carran Thomas, brewer, Peel town
Cartwright Thomas, surgeon and apothecary, Douglas .
Christian John, brewer, Ramsey town
Christian John, collector of the customs, Ramsey
Christian Rev. Nicholas,VicarGeneral Ballamoor
Christian .John, Esq. Enanrigg, Cumberland
Clarke James, baker and flour-dealer, Douglas
Cleague John, Cleague’s Hotel, Douglas
Clucas Thomas, druggist, Douglas
Clucas David,coach and furniture painter, Douglas
Clucas Hugh, shopkeeper, Peel town
Clucas Hugh, high bailiff, Peel
Cole Benjamin, innkeeper, Liverpool Coffee House, Douglas
Cannon George, shopkeeper, Peel town
Copeland and Brocklebank, flax-spinners, Laxey
Corlett Henry, sail.maker, Douglas
Corlett Robert, sail-maker, Douglas
Corlett Thomas; ironmonger, Douglas
Corlett William, shopkeeer, Ramsey town
Corlett John, Esq. Ramsey
Corlett Thomas, Ballamona
Cornack Alexander, shopkeeper, Douglas
Corran Paul, tanner, Douglas
Corran , Matthews, and Co. paper-manufacturers
Cosnahan John, Esq. water-bailiff, .Douglas
Cotteen Edward, shopkeeper, Castle town
Cottrel Rev. Thomas, curate of St. Georges
Crabb J . watchmaker, Douglas
Crellin John F. Esq. His Majesty’s second, Deemster, Orrisdale .
Crigan Right Rev. Cladius, Lord Bishop, Bishop’ Court
Cubbon William, brewer, Douglas
Cubbon Thomas, sadler, Douglas
Cubbon Richard, shopkeeper, Castle town
Cubbon Rev. Thomas, Vicar General, Kirk Maughold, near Ramsey
Cunningham William, Castle town
Curry and Wilkes, brewers, Douglas
Curry John, surgeon, Douglas.
Curwen J. C. Esq. Workington Hall, Cumberland
Custam Thomas, shopkepr, Peel town

Dixon Thomas, and Co. linen and woollen-drapers, Douglas
Dodson —, milliner, and fancy good., Douglas
Downes James, .innkeeper, George Inn, Castletown
Downward Charles, roper, Douglas
Drinkwater William Leece, merchant, Douglas
Duggan James, innkeeper, Castle town
Dun John, liquor vaults, Douglas

Farquher Robert, shopkeeper, Ramsey town
Farrant Robert, Esq. Balla moore
Fitzsmmons William, Glenroy
Forbes Edward and Son, timber-merchants and fish curers, Douglas

Garrat Philip, surgeon and apothecary, Douglas
Garrat Thomas, shopkeeper, Peel town
Gawne Edward, brewer, Mount Gawne, near Castletown
Gawne Thomas, high bailiff, Ramsey
Gawne Thomas,Esq. Milntown, near Ramsey
Gawne Edward, Esq. Mount Gawne
Gelling Edward, brewer, Castle town
Gelling Thomas, ironmonger Douglas
Gelling John Caesar, advocate, Douglas.
Geneste Lewis and Son, merchants
Gilling Rev. Thomas, schoolmaster, Peel town
Grave John, Post Master
Green William, liquor vaults, Douglas
Grundy —, milliner, and fancy goods, Douglas

Harrison and Dobre, brewers, Laxey
Harrison Matthew shopkeeper, Castle town
Harrison William, shopkeeper, Douglas
Harrison John, Esq . Cooile Bane, near Ramsey
Harrison Thos. Esq. Sping valley, near Douglas
Hastings Robert, cornfactor and miller, Nunnery mills
Head John, Pass Master
Hendry Catherine, woollen and linen-draper, Ramsey town
Heughan John, Globe Tavern, Douglas
Hill Samuel. wheelwright, Douglas
Holmes Henry and Sons, merchants & fish curci
Holmes Thomas, shopkeeper, Castle town.

Jefferson George, printer, stationer, and editor of the Manks Advertiser
Johnson Peter, shopkeeper, Castle town
Joiner Charles, Post Master, Castle town
Jones Richard, surgeon, Castle town

Kayll John, brewer
Kelley William, woollen and cloth manufacturer miller,Union mills, near Douglas
Kelley Robert, high Bailiff, Castle town
Kelley Mathias, chandler, Douglas
Kelley John, Esq. advocate, Caste town
Kewley and Christian, hatters and snuff-manuftrs
Kewley James,Land surveyor
Kewley William, bootmaker, Douglas
Killey William,brewer
Killey William, shopkeeper, Castle town
Kinley William, lime burner, Kilns, BallasaIla
Kirch Mr. Michael
Kissick William, timber-merchant and shopkeeper Ramsey town
Kneal and Cowl, brewers, Ramsey town

Lace John, Esq. His Majesty's 1st Deemster,and Chief justice of the island, Castle town
Lamothe Frederick, surgeon, Ramsey town
Laurence and Hartley,shopkeepers
Llewelling John, Esq . advocate, Castle town
Long Thomas, Liverpool Coffee House, Peel town
Lowen John, turner
Lowen William, roper

Marshall David, stone-cutter and mason
M’Hutchen John, Esq. advocate, Castetown
Moore James, Christain, tanner, flax-spinner and Manks linen-manufacturer,Abbey, near Castletown
Moore Edward and James, linen-manufacturers
Moore Norris, brewer
Moore John, brewer, Hills
Moore John. brewer, Peel town
Moore Thomas, roper and sail maker
Moore James, watchmaker, Douglas
Moore Elinor, shopkeeper, Peel town
Moore Norris high bailiff Douglas
Moore Norris, Esq. acting attorney-genl. Douglas
Moore John, Esq. Hills, near Douglas
Moore Norris, Esq.
Mylrea Rev. Daniel, Arch Deacon

Nicholason William, agent to lottery-office

Oats Philip, Esq. Oatland

Parker Thomas, shopkeeper, Ramsey town
Payne Surgeon and apothecary, Peel town
Philips Rev.Thomas schoolmaster

Quayle George, banker, Castle bank
Quayle Robert, merchant. Castle town
Quayle John, Esq . Castle town
Quayle George, Esq. Castle town
Quayle Robert, Esq . Castle town.
Quoley John, boat-builder
Quole William, brush.maker
Quoley Rev. John, schoolmaster
Quane John, Esq. Douglas
Quiggin—, baker and flour-dealer
Quiggam Robert, lime-burner
Quiggin , chandler, Douglas
Quilliam John, Esq. Douglas
Quirk .James, Esq. Knockaloe, near Ramsey.

Radcliff James,joiner and cabinet maker, Radcliff
Richardson Charles, Mitre Inn, Ramsey town
Remmer William, schoolmaster
Robinson James, brewer
Robinson Hannah, British Hotel, Douglas

Saurrey John, shopkeeper
Sayle William, shopkeeper, Ramsey town
Scott William, Esq Receiver General of, and master of the Customs
Scott John Nelson, physician -
Scott Charles, stone-cutter and mason
Shaw Jane, draper
Shaw James, shopkeeper
Smelt the Hon. Cornelius, Lieutenant Governor Castle Rushen
Smith George, innkeeper, King’s Arms Ramsey town
Steel Robert, master of H. M. S. Whitehaven packet
Stevenson John, sadler, Douglas
Stewell William, merchant
Stowell Thomas, Esq Clerk of the Rolls, Hampton court
Stowell Thomas, Esq. Clerk of the Council
Sutherland George, Nelson’s Arms, Peel town

Taggart John, architect
Tarrant—, shopkeeper, Peel town
Taubman, Quayl; and Moore; brewers, Ballaugh near Ramsey
Taubman and Quale, brewers, Castle town
Taubman the Hon. John, Speaker, Nunnery, near Douglas
Taubman John,jun. Esq. Whitehouse, near Kirk Michael
Thompson John, seedsman
Watson Robert, Esq. advocate, Castle town
White Eliz. White’s Inn, Douglas
Whiteside Henry, wine merchant
Wilkes Thomas, Esq. Ballatletcher, near Douglas
Wilkes James, collector of His Majestys Customs Castle town
Williams —, shopkeeper
Woods George, cabinet-maker

BANKER .—G. Quayle, Castle Bank


Athol Arms Douglas
British Hotel, H. Robinson, Douglas
George. James Downes, Castle town
King’s Arms, G. Smith, Ramsey town


J Grave, Douglas
Charles Joiner, Castle town

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