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Re: 1700s Corkills of Maughold
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Hi Greg,

There were so many Corkills with the same forenames, that the first thing you need to confirm is that your Robert Corkill who arrived in the US was the one bapt.30 June 1844 at Maughold.
This means looking at US records first, and the clues that these may give you.

What ship did he arrive on? Date? Who travelled with him? His age given on the passenger list?

Then censuses for him - and the place of birth and his ages given in those?
Date of marriage? Did he marry in the US? What information was given on his marriage cert?
And on his death cert?
Did he have a MI? (These sometimes gave dates of birth.)

If you can post all these details, then step 2 (to his IOM parents) will be much clearer.
Also note that when I wrote in 2007 "... 1785 is certainly a better birth year for Robert Corkill, widower of Esther. Possibly Robert bapt 20 Dec.1784 Maughold son of John Corkill & Ellinor Casement", I had no proof that this couple were the correct parents for Robert, and have not since seen any proof on Karen's tree.

At the moment you have a lot of IOM information from this BB for his assumed IOM family, but nothing from US records to confirm you have the right person. There might be all sorts of clues (e.g. relatives travelling with him) pointing to a different Robert, or alternatively confirming that you have the correct one.

There are 10 Robert Corkill bapts within 2 years of 1844. You really need to post those specific US details!