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Re: 1700s Corkills of Maughold

Hello again Greg,

That 1784 date was the bapt of their twins, not the marriage date.
On 3 May 2007 I wrote:
"The Maughold marriage of John Corkil & Ellinor Casement on 3 Feb 1781 was with consent of parents, which indicates that both were under the age of 21.

Elinor daur of Robert Casement & Anne Curphey bapt Maughold Parish Church 8 Aug 1762, as you have.

John Corkil could be John Illegit son of William Stole & Margaret Corkil bapt Maughold Parish Church 23 Mar 1760, or this John could have been known as John Stole, even though illegitimate.

If it was only Elinor who was under age another possiblility for John was John bapt 11 March 1759 Maughold son of Peter Corkil & Isabel Kneal.

By the way Robert son of John Corkil & Ellinor Casement bapt Maughold Parish Church 20 Dec 1784 was a twin "Private baptism. Twin of John".
John son of John Corkil & Ellinor Casement bapt Parish Church 20 Dec 1784 Private baptism. Twin of Robert."
These records came from the Maughold parish register.

Your previous thread was at:

You were going to eliminate John Stole if you could?
You were also going to get the sources for Karen's information? I had no proof that John Corkill & Ellinor Casement were the correct parents for Robert. I asked Karen on the BB for the source of her information, but no answer.

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It might be a good idea for the sake of people who are new to this BB since then, if you were to go through all the dozens of answers you have had in those previous threads and say what is correct (source), and what is not!

Did you discover whether or not your grandfather John had been adopted? (You said info from a US census record?)