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Re: 1700s Corkills of Maughold
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Sue, I looked up Corkill's in the directory and found two farmers still in Maughold. A FS Corkill at Ballacreggan farm and JRS Corkill at Ballaterson Maughold. Now I know it is a long shot but this I believe is going to be a process of elimination. Starting in Maughold down to the Corkill's that own Corkill's Garage. It appears my family farmed and were blacksmiths so mechanical occupations would be likely. I can call them and ask if they had any relatives that they knew of back in the 1800's who emigrated to America. Or is there a way to check if they are descendants of one of my 2x ggf's siblings? I am grasping at straws here aren't I?