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I found the website with no problem, thanks, Greg.

Back in Jan. 2007 Lionel Cottier had written that "the 1900 Henry Co, Illinois census record for Robert C. and Jane Corkill lists the birth date for Robert Corkill as June 1844, so this may be the right family for him in the 1861 IOM census". I had posted the census to which he referred as a possibility to be your Robert:
1861 census:
1 76 Cott on Dreemskerry
Robert CORKILL Head MAR 41 Blacksmith Maughold
Catherine CORKILL Wife MAR 42 Bride
Esther CORKILL Daughter UNM 19 Servant maid Maughold
Robert CORKILL Son UNM 17 Blacksmith Maughold
Catherine CORKILL Daughter UNM 16 Maughold
John CORKILL Son UNM 12 Scholar Maughold
Ann CORKILL Daughter UNM 9 Maughold
Eleanor CORKILL Daughter UNM 7 Maughold
Edward CORKILL Son UNM 4 Maughold
Isabella Margaret CORKILL Daughter UNM 1 Maughold.

Robert Corkill & Catharine QUAYLE married in Maughold 3 Aug 1839.

I also listed their children's Maughold bapts:
CORKILL Jane (daur of) Robert Corkill/ Cath Quayle Parish Church 1 Jan 1840
CORKILL Esther Robert Corkill/ Cath Quayle Parish Church 14 Mar 1842
CORKILL Robert Robert Corkill/ Cath Quayle Parish Church 30 Jun 1844
CORKILL Cath Ann Robert Corkill/ Cath Quayle Parish Church 25 Nov 1846
CORKILL Elinor Robert Corkill/ Catharine Quayle Parish Church 28 Aug 1854
CORKILL Edward Robert Corkill/ Catherine Quayle Parish Church 8 Mar 1857
CORKILL Isab Margt Robert Corkill/ Cath Quayle Parish Church 22 Jan 1860

There were others where the mother's name was given as "Cathe" or Catherine without a surname, but there were other Robert & Cath Corkills having children baptised at around the same time.

Lionel wrote on the BB that the IGI had a marriage record for a Robert Corkill who married a Jane Kennish, 21 Oct. 1865 in Maughold, IOM, and that the 1900 Henry Co, Illinois census for Robert and Jane Corkill indicates that they immigrated to the U.S. in 1866 and that all of their children were born in Illinois. He also gave Robert & Jane's death dates.

I posted the Maughold marriage:
21 Oct 1865
Robert CORKILL, Full age, Bachelor, [occupation] Smith, [residence] Ramsey, [father] Robert Corkill, Smith ~ to ~
Jane KENNISH, Full age, Spinster, [residence] Ramsey, [father] William Kennish, Farmer.

We didn't know about the Henry County GS website, or whether the information there was entered before or after Lionel's investigations, but it does give the details we were looking for.

At that time I didn't have access to censuses other than Maughold 1841 & 1861, and 1881. I think we were confident that we had the right parents for Robert, but were less sure further back.
I wrote:
You need to follow the census records to establish Robert's father Robert's age. His wife Cath QUAYLE is recorded in 1861 as born Bride c.1819, but sometimes census data varies, so you need to check them all. Robert is recorded as b.c.1820 Maughold in the 1861 census, which, if correct, makes him very young at his marriage on 3 Aug 1839. There are three Robert Corkills bapt in Maughold between the second half of 1819 and 1821.

Until reading the Henry County GS website I didn't know they had a child who had died in Maughold. Her burial has:
Emily Jane CORKHILL aged 4 wks, Church St, Ramsey, buried Feb 20 1866.