Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Re: Maughold CORKILL

Don't bother to get that 1823 John Corkill will I suggested. It mentions only his son Edward by name, to whom he left his coat waistcoat & breeches, and his "lovely wife Margaret Corkill als Cannell", plus "all the rest of his sons and daughters", unnamed.
It also said John Corkill departed this life on 30 April 1822. He wrote the will on 27 April while dying of smallpox. John CORKILL (Dick) buried Apr 30 1822 the same day he died.

However those maiden aunts' wills would be very good to get if you want to find descendants of Robert Corkill and Cath Quayle, because they might have niece's married names and addresses, and other family information.