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Re: 1700s Corkills of Maughold
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Sue, I spoke with Karen and she said that the information she got for John Corkill and Ellinor Casement was from one of her relatives on her maternal side. Now both John Corkill (Stole) b 1760 or John Corkill b.1759 to Peter Corkill are contenders. How do we find out which one is the winner? Is there perhaps a will for John Stole or Margaret Corkill that could link them or from Peter and his wife? My 2x Great Grandfather Robert had 8 brothers and sisters. None of which emigrated to my knowledge from the Isle of Man during the 1800's. Would checking their geneology going forward to present help find someone still on IOM who may know. For example: Ann Corkill born 1852 died feb 23 1921 age 69 at Ramsay. Her 2x great grandchildren may still be on Man. If we can find any relative as we did with Karen who as it turns out is my cousin who is still there I may be able to correspond with them as well. Short of getting out the phone book and calling every Corkill on the Isle of Man, I don't know what else to do.