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Maughold MI lookup please Donna?
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Hi again Greg,

In your previous threads there were a lot of records I suggested you double-check, because we had little or no proof other than Karen's tree (with few sources) for some of the generations. I now have access to censuses which I didn't have in Jan. 2007.

Your last IOM/ first USA generation of Robert Corkill & Jane Kennish who married in 1865 Maughold has been proved by the 1900 US census which fitted their IOM marriage and birthdates.

The censuses I had suggested that you needed to see to confirm Robert's parents (when I had only Maughold 1841,1861, plus 1881) included the 1851 Maughold census. They were at Dreemskerry: (all b.Maughold): Robert aged 30 blacksmith, wife Cathrine 32, Jane 11, Esther 9, Cathrine 4, Robert 6, John 2, and William Kinrade stepson 16 blacksmith apprentice b. Maughold.

This last entry in interesting, because William Kinrade was in the household in 1841 when we didn't know the relationships:
The 1841 census (adult ages rounded, relationships not given) had:
1 4 14 East Ballaterson
Thomas QUAYLE 30 MS Isle of Man
John GARRETT 25 MS Isle of Man
Robert CORKILL 20 Blacksmith Isle of Man
Cathrine CORKILL 20 Isle of Man
Jane CORKILL 1 Isle of Man
William KINRADE 6 Isle of Man.

I can't find the bapt of Cath's son William Kinrade in Maughold records. Only William illegitimate son of Daniel KINRADE & Jane QUAYLE bapt 1 Jan 1835. Unless the "Jane" was an error.

In 1861 Dreemskerry Maughold Robert was 41, Cath 42 b.Bride (census posted previously); in 1871 at "Drehmscarry" Robert was 50 Agricultural blacksmith, Catherine 51, Edward 14 Apprentice blacksmith, and Isabella Margt 11, all b.IOM (no parishes given). In 1881 Robert was 60 Blacksmith, and Catherine 60 b.Bride Blacksmith's Wife (census posted previously). As both 1861 and 1881 censuses have Cath's place of birth as Bride, I think it is probably correct because the censuses were all in Maughold, and in 1851 their birthplaces were all just ditto Maughold.

The IGI has Cath QUAYLE Christening: 1 Nov.1819 Bride , Father: Thos QUAYLE, Mother: Cath KERMEEN.
Maughold burials have Catherine CORKILL 66 yrs Maughold buried 17 Mar 1885.

There is no burial in Maughold for Robert Corkill on the date you gave ("d.12 Feb 1889 Grave No 231 at Maughold").
There is a burial of Robert CORKILL 69 yrs. [from] Ramsey 15 Feb 1888.
Donna might look up this couple for us, and see whether there is a MI for Robert CORKILL and wife Cath QUAYLE?

Looking back at the messages of 2007 we thought that Robert son of Robert Corkill and Esther Looney was the most likely one to have married Cath Quayle. Bapt Maughold 29 Aug 1819. There is one problem with this now that we have seen the censuses. In the early censuses which are more likely to be correct (except the rounded 1841 census) Robert is consistently one or two years younger than Cath, not a little older.
Another contender was Robert son of Peter Corkill & Elinor Clague, bapt 11 Jun 1820, but we discovered that this Robert moved to Australia, and his parents were named in a certificate. There was also Robert bapt 4 Nov.1821 Maughold, son of John Corkill & Elinor Cown, and Robert son of William Corkill & Isabella Joughin bapt 8 Sep 1822 who was probably too young.

Robert Corkill & Esther Looney married in Maughold on 28 Jan.1806. [Esther daur of John Looney & Margaret Hutchen bapt Maughold 16 Apr 1781]
Esther CORKILL alias LOONEY died Maughold 25 Feb.1848 aged 67 [MI].
Esther CORKILL als LOONEY, 67, buried Maughold Feb 27 1848.
Robert CORKILL 93 yrs, Ballakilley, Maughold buried Mar 17 1875. [Differs from the MI]

Brian Lawson posted:
1851, Maughold, district 1, schedule 56, Ballakilley
Robert Corkhill, head, widower, 66, farmer of 8 acres, Maughold
Margaret Woods, daughter, married, 47, housekeeper, Maughold
Richard, grand son, unmarried, 9, Maughold
Agnes, grand daughter, unmarried, 5, Liverpool.

The 1861 census has:
1 111 Cott on Ballakilley [one of several cottages on Ballakilley]:
Robert CORKILL Head MAR 80 Mariner & farming 9 ac Maughold
Charles WOODS Son in law MAR 60 Mariner Lonan
Margaret WOODS Daughter MAR 59 Maughold
Richard WOODS Grandson UNM 18 Braddan
Agnes WOODS Granddaughter UNM 15 England
Paul CALEY Grandson UNM 12 Maughold

In the 1871 census he was at Ballakilley, aged 88, living with his daughter Margt Woods 68, and son-in-law Charles Woods 69 b.Lonan.

All these sources give his year of birth as 1782-85, which is wider than previously.

These are the Maughold bapts for Robert Corkill between 1782 and 1785:
Robert son of John Corkill & Margaret __ 2 Feb 1783
Robert , twin of John, son of John Corkil & Ellinor Casement 20 Dec 1784 [whom we looked at previously].

At the time of the bapt of the above Robert with father John and mother Margaret there were several John Corkill and wife Margaret having children baptised in Maughold. Margaret CASHIN/CASHEN, Margaret CANNELL, Margaret SKILLICORN.

Patrick Corkill of Ballajora bought the Ballakilley Intack (close to Dreemskerry) in 1819, which the Radcliffes in their Maughold book wrote was when it came into the possession of the Corkill family for at least 4 generations, until William Corkill who was the last blacksmith in Ramsey. But at the moment I can't see how Robert can connect to this family, other than one unlikely possibility.

The Ballajora family included John Corkill 1747-1823 who married Margaret Cannell and had 9 children between 1773 and 1799. The eldest son John 1773-1859 inherited their farm Ballajora, and 2nd son was Patrick 1774-1843 (above). Third son Thomas 1777-1869 purchased an intack on Dreemskerry Hill opposite Patrick's intack. Then Edward b.1780, and Andrew b.1785 (and others). All these bapts have Margaret Cannell as their mother. However in the original parish register volumes, on the above Robert's bapt 2 Feb 1783 the mother Margaret's surname was entered, but obscured.
It is unlikely that her surname there was supposed to be Cannell because none of their family trees include Robert, but a way to find out would be to get father John's 1823 will and see whether a son Robert is mentioned. You can see wills on film through any LDS Family History Centre: CORKILL, John 1823 Mau E 1 [LDS film no.] 0106423.