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Re: 1700s Corkills of Maughold
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Hi Sue, sorry for taking so long to respond but I've got the information starting with Robert Corkill who emigrated to America:

Robert Corkill b.1844 Jun 30 at Maughold to Robert Corkill Bap 29 Aug 1819 d.12 Feb 1889 Grave No 231 at Maughold. Married to Catherine Quayle 3 aug 1839.
He was the son of Robert Corkill b 1784 d. 17 Mar 1875 Grave No 227 who married Esther Looney 28 Jan 1806 at Maughold. He was a twin to John Corkill and Bap.20 Dec 1784
He was the son of John Corkill and Ellinor Casement. I don't know any more about them except that one of them died in 1803 and that Ellinor Casement was the daughter of robert Casement and Ann Curphey.
This is where I am deadlocked. When was John Corkill born and who were his parents? Sue,
have a happy Holiday and to all others on this site God bless. And thank you all for your help.