Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Re: Maughold MI lookup please Donna?

Many thanks, Donna - I hope you had a good Christmas?

Re. their daughters:
Catherine CORKILL 54 years, Dreemskerry, Maughold buried 22 Feb 1900 [interesting that she was still at Dreemskerry, or was known as from that family].
Possible will: CORKILL, Catherine 1901 Mau [No.] 28, [LDS film number]: 0106538

Esther CORKILL 63 yrs., Promenade, Ramsey buried Maughold 12 Jan 1905.
Will: CORKILL, Esther 1905 Ram [No.] 13, [LDS film number]: 0106549

Greg, maiden aunts often have wonderfully informative wills, mentioning many family members, and potentially far more valuable to you than writing to unknown IOM Corkills, being such a common name.

Donna, regarding the baby of Robert Corkill & Jane Kennish who went to the US, and who died aged 4 weeks, can you see any record of whose burial plot she was buried in? MI?
Emily Jane CORKHILL, 4 wks, Church St, Ramsey, buried Maughold Feb 20 1866.

Thanks again,