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Thank you both, for the information! This possibility continues to intrigue me. If JR/S and my JR are the same person, it definitely makes for an interesting story. We have been able to successfully research some of the family and origination of the wife of my JR. Her name was Agnes, and she immigrated to Philadelphia from London. We are not sure if James and Agnes met in London, on the boat in route to the USA, or here in Philadelphia. We do know that they must have traveled individually as there are no family members living around them in Philadelphia. We are still trying to find their ship records... The interesting thing to mention is that Agnes was previously married in London and had one child. Neither of them came to Philadelphia, and when she got married to James, she was not listed as a widow. She still held the name of her former husband. We have always suspected James of being somewhat of a vagabond. I wonder if he met Agnes in London, and she ran away with him to the United States. Definitely speculative, but one can wonder...