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presentments for 1837-1842 (+ many other years) are on my CD - no matching name in 1842 .
But two points - no names of children are given - these can generally be derived by matching bapts with accused mothers, occasionally vicars publish a list of baptisms of such children (eg there is one for German in 1842 but this is not a common finding) - secondly and probably more important is that Braddan and a couple of other parishes never presented for fornication for many years from maybe the 1820s .

There is an index to consistory court cases from 1840 onwards mostly of those suing for maintenance but comparing this with the cases indicates that those suing are only a small minority.

Maybe I should had more to my CD - I did photo all presentments up to the 1860s in preparation for this - tedious to go thru and most pages are a copy of burials - since I sell very few if any CDs to family historians these days I assume they use the now more comprehensive www.imuseum.im pages (tho I find their interface exceeding tedious) or prefer to pay ancestry or use the members-only Fam History Society pages - what sales I make don't even cover costs of my email and website registration thus it being a hobby interest I tend to do what I find interesting which at present is considerable work on WW1 internment camps on the Island.