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Re: Radcliffe Corlett Ancestry Lezayre & Andreas *PIC*

Kirk, Here’s another possible identity for your James Radcliffe b 1843 IOM who became a tinsmith in the USA.

James Skelly or Radcliff baptism (illegitimate)

Event Type: Christening
Event Date: 17 Aug 1842
Event Place: St Mary's, Castletown, Isle of Man
Gender: Male
Father's Name: John Skelly • Edit
Mother's Name: Esther Radcliff

Abode Castletown, father a labourer.

One possible candidate for the John Skelly above:

Malew Street, Castletown

Name Age
Margaret Clarke 63
William Clarke 38
Margaret Clarke 30
John Clarke 20
William Clarke 6
John Skelly 23

JS 23 servant

Another possible candidate:

Queen Hithe St, Castletown

Name Age
Robert Skelly 60
Catharine Skelly 40
John Skelly 20
Margaret Skelly 15
Mary Skelly 12

RS fisherman

This is the 1841 household of the Quine couple who, 10 years later, were uncle/aunt of 9 year old James Skelly/Radcliffe, illegitimate son of Esther Radcliff and John Skelly, labourer of Castletown:

Queen Hithe St, Castletown

Samuel Quine 40 shoemaker
Leonora 40
John 20 shoe m journeyman
Elizabeth 13
Esther 10
William 8

Queen Hithe Street, Castletown

Name Age
Samuel Quine 51
Leonora Quine 52
Elizabeth Quine 23
William Quine 18
James Skelly 9
Margaret Quine 3

JS 9 nephew
all b Castletown

Also in Castletown was 9 yr old James’s mother:

Parliament Square, residence of the High Bailiff of Castletown

Name Age
John Kelly 56
Margret A Kelly 52
Cathrine Kelly 31
Margret A Kelly 25
William Kelly 21
Martha Kelly 17
Thomas C Kelly 12
Charles Kelly 10
Margret Quayle 56
Esther Radcliffe 35
Ann Clucas 13

ER 35 unmarried general servant b Castletown

Esther remained unmarried in Castletown and died in 1883.

I haven’t found any definite evidence of the whereabouts of James Skelly/Radcliffe b 1842 thereafter.

One theory is that he left the IOM and went to the USA where he used the surname Radcliffe --- but it’s pure speculation. Where would he have served his apprenticeship and who would have financed it ?

I’ve sketched out 2 “trees” to show two possible theories for the nephew/aunt/uncle connection.

1) The connection could be through uncle Samuel Quine b 1800 who might have been closely related to Esther Radcliffe nee Quine b 1787, maternal grandmother of James Skelly Radcliffe b 1842.

2) The connection could be through aunt Leonora Quine nee Baxter b 1799 whose mother was Leonora Baxter alias Skeally nee Corlett b 1753.

The images of signatures from the marriages of Thos Radcliff & Esther Quine and Samuel Quine & Leonora Baxter are to demonstrate the likelihood that the 2 Thomas Radcliffe signatures were probably made by the same hand.

Links to the parish reg images to get a better view:



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