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Re: Radcliffe Corlett Ancestry Lezayre & Andreas

Hello Jean,
The information that you provided for me as well as your recommendations are proving to be quite valuable. I have come to the conclusion that much of the information that we were previously going by is vague and unreliable. We have been looking into the information that you presented regarding John Skelly and Esther Radcliffe with the illegitimate son, James. As I stated before, it is looking more and more promising. It fits quite well with what we know. I am currently testing some of that information on my family tree on Ancestry, and as a result, it is linking our tree by similar family names to our closest DNA tree connections on the IOM. The tree that I have already spoken of (3rd cousin 33cM / 3 seg) lists the owner as a 3rd cousin on Ancestry with a link of 33 centimorgans across 3 DNA strands. I understand your statement about relying on records from other trees. I totally agree that many trees have unreliable information. Is there any more information that you can provide me regarding the families that you presented? Where do you do most of your research for IOM? I am currently using the Ancestry search tool and FamilySearch.
Kirk Radcliffe Mayer