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Re: Radcliffe Corlett Ancestry Lezayre & Andreas

Well it looks like I have to abandon that lead... I had been slowly coming to that conclusion for a short while, but now I have confirmation. Thank you! All of the other facts that you presented about my James Radcliffe, I had already known. As for James Radcliffe's IOM origins, I have not been able to find records of immigration, but I do have information from his wife's Bible stating that he did indeed come from IOM. I can also confirm that though DNA and links to Ancestry family trees. Here is what I have discovered after a closer analysis of those records: most of the trees that my family is linked to show cousins in the 4th-6th range which makes sense. Most of those trees go back to Lezayre, Andreas, and Malew. The names that I am finding most often are Radcliffes in Andreas and Corletts in Lezayre. I am still really leaning towards a close connection to a Corlett family. Other names that are closely related to many DNA linked trees are: Kneale, Garrett, Gell/Gill, Cowle/Cowley/Cowell, Kelly, Christian, Quayle. I did find something very interesting in an 1851 census record for Lezayre that may be a promising lead: I found a William Corlett (b. abt. 1824) married to Ann (b. abt. 1823). Also listed in the census is an 8 year-old step-son named James Corlett (b. abt. 1843). I am trying to find more information about this particular family to see if the mother is a Radcliffe. It looks as though her son was adopted by the new husband, who took the step-father's name.