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Re: Radcliffe Corlett Ancestry Lezayre & Andreas

Thank you very much for all of those links. And thank you for doing all of that research on John Skelly! Do you think it's possible that John Skelly was a family friend of Esther Radcliffe and may have stood in as the "father" during the christening? They never married, and she appears as a servant moving forward. And James Skelly Radcliffe seems to vanish with no record or connection to the family... I am not showing any DNA connection on Ancestry to Skelly or Skeally at all. I am also using my Aunt's DNA who was James Radcliffe's grand daughter, with no positive results. I am, however, finding plenty of DNA connections to Radcliffe in Castletown and Malew. Hopefully I can find something with the links that you gave me. I have not been successful in pinpointing my James Radcliffe's ship/ immigration records. Any recommendations there?