Handwritten Plan for July-September 1800

This handwritten plan, transcribed from Manx Museum MS10868, is the earliest known Manx plan - printed place names and dates but handwritten entries on a large sheet of linen-backed paper (approx A3 size though folds indicate it was folded into 8). Not all the names are readable on the photocopy (folds and wear have obliterated some). It covers the Ramsey/Peel Circuit where two travelling preachers were usually appointed, one residing in Peel (supposedly the main station though according to Mudie Draper the married Preacher would live at Ramsey), the other at Ramsey; though it is possible that in this quarter of 1800 there was only one preacher in the circuit. The Island had been split into two circuits in 1798 when membership had rocketed - no doubt the old North/South divide of the Island was one factor, the Northern parishes were also the stronger Manx speaking though, as it soon appeared, the weaker financially.

The ordering of the stations might have some significance - starting with Dalby could be a reflection of the usual sunwise ordering of Manx parishes or it might be that the list was drawn up by John Ellison who had moved there by about this period. However it would seem that places are grouped by parish which would make planning easier as many local preachers might not be able to reach more distant stations. Not all the places can be unambiguously identified, however the key omission is Peel; if the list merely includes those served from Ramsey then the inclusion of Dalby, an important Methodist centre south of Peel, Marown to the East and Kirk Michael to the North of Peel is very surprising and also leaving few, if any, places unmentioned in the the Peel/Ramsey circuit. The only two places having preaching on every Sunday are Ballakanneen (Andreas) and the unlocated Ballamore (in later plans Ballamore was third on list and became Foxdale), not even Ramsey had allocated preachers every week. The Shore Road chapel at Peel was opened in 1777 so its absence is surprising. It is possible that Peel was only ever served by the Travelling Preacher based there and thus no mention was necessary.

I have emphasised in bold those locations known to have a chapel pre 1800 - but no such indication is present on the original.

Note E.P. = English Preacher - the usual Manx name for the Travelling Preachers (who would have preached in English as opposed to the Manx preaching of most of the Local Preachers at that time, especially so in these Northern areas). Note also the occasional use of the Manx addition of the farm (Skyr vs And[reas]) to disambiguate two individuals of the same name.

DAWBY   W. Clucas Jno Corkhill Sr     W Caine Thos Kneale Henry Clucas Hum: Stephen     Jno Caine Skyr  
BALLAMORE Wm. Caine Jno Gawn D: Gawn Jno Kee Jno Sayle W White Jno Corjeig Jno Corkhill Jr Jno Cain Skyr Jno Corlett D: Lace Wm Casson ? Wm Shimmin
COOILINGILL     Jno Corkhill Jr       Wm Clucas       Hen Clucas    
BALLAKELLY   Jno Sayle   Hump: Stephen   Wm Casson   Jno Ellison   Pat Caley Jr   Jno Corkhill Jr  
GREEBY   Jas Lace Wm Skillicorn Wm Casson   Jno ? Harrison Charls Gellin   W White Tho Gawn Jno Sa[yle?] Jno Corjeig Hen: C[lucas?]
EYREMORE Wm Casson       Jno Caine Skyr   Jno Corlett       Jno K[ee?]   ?
BRACKABROON Hen Clucas   W. White   Jno Corkhill Jr       W. Clucas   Wm Skillicorn    
AHAB SAYLE'S   Hum Stephen   Hen Clucas   Jno Lace ?   Wm Skillicorn   Jno [Ellis?]on   Wm Cottier  
KERROGLASS Dollin Gawn         Hen Clucas             Jno Gawn
BEARGARROO Jno Kerruish   Thos Cottier   Jno Gawn   Pat Caley Jr   Jno Kee   Hum Stephen   Jno Cowle
KK MICHAEL   Jno Ellison   Jno Caine And   D. Cannell   Jno Sayle   Pat Caley Jr   Wm White  
BALLAUGH Jno Harrison Jno Caine And Danl Lace Wm Craine   D. Gawn Phil Corlett Jno Lace Jno Gawn   Jno Quay Wm Kerruish Sr Wm ?
THE CLOSE Jno Corlett   Jno Caine Skyr   Jno Corkhill Sr             Chas J Gellin  
BALLASKELLY   Pat Caley Sr   Wm Kerruish Jr       Thos ?          
SULBY Thos Radcliffe Phil Corlett   Thos Kneale Jno Kneale Thos Cottier Jno Kee D. Lace   Jno Caine And Thos Kennishe   Jno Kaighen
Jno CREBBIN'S       Jno Kerruish   Wm Kerruish Sr   Jno Kaighin   Thos Kneale      
REGABY     Thos Kennish       Jno Keen   Wm Kerruish Jr   P Cannell   Hum Stephen
Jno Corkhill Jr       Will Clucas       Jno Corkhill Sr       Jno Corlett
JURBY Jno Corkhill Jr P. Cannell     Wm Clucas   Pat Caley Jr   Jno Corkhill Sr   W: Caine Pat Caley Sr Jno Corlett
Jno KAIGHEN'S   Jno Corjeig   Jno Keen   Jno Kerruish   Wm Cottier   Chas Gellin      
Jno KNEEN'S Pat: Caley Jr   Thos Radcliffe   Phil Corlett   Wm Kerruish Jr   Jno Kneale   Jno Kaighin   Jno Harrison
  D: Lace   Chas Gellin   Jno Kennish       Corkhill Jr      
BALLAKANEEN E.P. Wm Kerruish Jr (?) E.P. Jno Corlett E.P. Wm Cottier E.P. Wm Caley E.P. Corkhill Sr E.P. Pat Caley Sr E.P.
BALLAWANNAL   Jno Kneale   Chas Gellin   Jno Kennish   Wm Kerruish Sr   Jno Corjeag   Jno Kerruish  
CRANSTALL Thos Kneale   Jno Kaighin   Pat Caley Sr   Jno Caine And   Jno Harrison   Jno Kaneen   Phil Corlett
CORNEA-BRIDGE Chas Gelling   Pat Caley ?   Jno Kaighin           Jos: Lace    
BALLNABARNEY   Jno Kee   Jno Corjeag   Daniel Lace       Wm Radcliffe   Thos Kneale  
BALLATEARSON Wm Cottier   Jno Harrison       Jno Caine Skyr       Jno Kneale   Dollin Gawn
MILL-TOWN Thos Kennish   Wm Cottier   Pat Caley Jr       Phil Corlett   Thos Cottier   Wm Caine
RAMSAY Jno Keen E.P.   E.P. J. Ellison E.P. Thos Stephen E.P. Jno Kerruish E.P. Wm Kerruish Jr E.P. Jno [Harrison ?]



1: Dawby (Dalby, Patrick) - chapel from 1797
2: Ballamore - Ballamore is in Patrick, or could be Ballamoar (Mx large farm)which is a very common placename - W.T Radliffe indicates that Ballamore was an early name for what became Foxdale.
3: Cooilingill - ? the only Cooilingil is part of Bishop's Barony in Marown
4: Ballakelly - there is a Ballakelly in Marown (now The Nab)
5: Greebey (Greeba, Marown) - chapel from 1797
6: Eyremore - ? Eairy Moar, German
7: Brackabroon (? Breck y Broom in German)
8: Ahab Sayle's - an Ahab Sayle was buried at Kk Michael 17 May 1839 age 79
9: Kerrooglass (Kerrowglass, Michael) - ? chapel, a privately owned chapel erected 1832
10: Beargarroo (Barragarrow, Michael) - 1st chapel 1816
11: Kk Michael - chapel from 1798
12: Ballaugh - chapel from 1791
13: The Close - 'Close' would possibly indicate Ballaugh Curragh area ?
14: Ballaskelley (? Bride or Ballaskella, Lezayre))
15: Sulby (Lezayre) - chapel from 1794
16: Jno Crebbin's
17: Ragaby (Regaby, Andreas) -
18: Sod-House - possibly Ballaugh Curragh or probably 'the Old Mud Chapel' mentioned by W.W.Gill at Jurby East
19: Jurby
20: Jno Kaighen's
21: Jno Kneen's
22: Loudas (Leodest, Andreas) - A PM chapel from 1835
23: Ballakaneen, Andreas - chapel from 1792
24: Ballawannal (Ballawannell, Bride)
25: Cranstall (Bride)
26: Cornea-bridge (Corrany Bridge, Maughold)
27: Ballnabarney (? Ballaberna (or Balnabarney) , Maughold)
28: Ballatearson (there are Ballaterson or Balltesson's in four parishes including Maughold and Ballaugh)
29: Mill-town (? Milntown or Churchtown, Lezayre))
30: Ramsay (Ramsey) - chapel from 1794 on Kee's garden


John Ellison, of Peel, was one of the earliest converts, mentioned by Wesley as an important local preacher - he moved from Peel to Dalby and helped found the chapel there.

The numbers refer to effective position on 1813 plan and give some idea of seniority - some of the LP's in the 1800 would have died prior to 1813.

1: SAYLE, John; emigrated 1827
2: STEPHEN, Humphrey - Farmer Ballavaran, Jurby d. 1822;
3: KNEAL, Thomas
4: CALEY Patrick, senior - Farmer Sulby born:1782 lp: 1798 died: 1841
5: KEE John - in 1798 Ballaugh against name
6: KERRUISH, William
8: RADCLIFFE, Thomas
9: KAIGHEN, John died 1844
10: CAINE, John (Andreas)
11: CAINE, John (Skyr) - b.1767 d.1835 lp: c.1786
12: CALEY Patrick, junior - presume son of #4 Patrick Caley
14: COTTIER, Thomas - signed with an 'x' in 1788 book
15: MOORE, John

17: CORLETT, John Snr born:1763 lp: 1795 (Ramsey Circuit) died: 1835 - trustee of Sandygate Chapel, mentioned by Rosser


CANNEL Patrick - Farmer, Ballaugh born: 1755 early lp, judging from entries in conference minutes a member of the 'awkward squad'; emigrated in 1827 and died:1839 in Ohio. In June 1800 Pat Cannell and Thomas Cottier, both of Ballaugh, were accused in Conf Minutes that they declined or refused their plans.



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