Sulby Wesleyan Methodist Chapels

Sulby Wesleyan Methodist Chapel I 1794

the first being erected in 1794, on a parcel of land which cost 24/-.

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Sulby Wesleyan Methodist Chapel II c.1844

Sulby II

With the members contributing much of the labour, the chapel was rebuilt and enlarged to accommodate 200 people.
It would appear from the Edwardian postcard (c.1905) that the chapel was built at an angle to the main road.

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Sulby Wesleyan Methodist Chapel III 1914

Sulby III

The present chapel was built during 1912 - 1914, at a cost of £2,120, with 400 people present for the opening service.

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At one time known locally as The Theologians' chapel, as so many men became preachers, especially just before 1914 war.


According to Mrs. Bazin (Manx Methodist Historical Society Newsletter No 19) Sulby organ, said it was the oldest in the Isle of Man, but some bits of it were modern. The keyboard dates from 1778, and parts of it have come from St George's in Douglas. The wood and joinery in the middle section, (i.e. the manual, pipes, etc) all match, while the wings are different and of a poorer quality. Mrs. Bazin considers that perhaps there are three different organs 'married', but there were no pedals in the original organ, so these have been added at a later date.

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