Peel Methodist Chapels

Shore Road Wesley Methodist Chapel 1777

Old Chapel, Peel
c. 1890 ?

The first meeting place was on Shore Road - became a net factory in the 1850s to 70s, later used by the Rechabites and Salvation Army ; now the Peel Youth Centre
(Unfortunately photographs of the current building, now somewhat hedged in and modified, do not show much of the original building).

The building and land ("a house or tenement lately erected; standing near the shore at east end of sd town commonly called the sandside") were sold by John Clarke, his wife Cath Crellin & John Gawn for £5 to trustees Thos Costean, Chas Costean, William Clark, William Gawn, Wm Kaighen, John Shimmin & Thos Quirk by deed dated 25 Mar 1778 (NSS German Oct 1778 #14) - witnessed by Robt Corlett; Jas Kayll, Thos Cowin and Daniell Caveen (signed x)

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Primitive Methodist Chapel Kirk Michael Street 1835

Peel Michael Street

Shown on 1869 O/S map as fronting onto K.Michael. St. with rear in Chapel Lane; site now Electricity Showroom, which although rebuilt seems still to have same chapel architectural shape.
Became Public Hall when Christian Street chapel opened

In 1834 Mrs Margaret Gell sold plot for £20 to John Crellin, Thomas Karran, Michael Oates, Robert Keown, Charles Quayle, John Cavendish and John Hopkinson
By 1853 John Cavendish + Michael Oates dead, John Hopkinson had left the island and John Crellin moved from Peel to Ramsey - meeting on 21 April elected new trustees: William Woods, Caesar Corris (refused to act) James Cowin, Thos Quirk jnr (Kk Patrick) John Rodgers, John Corjeag, John Cannan + Thomas Mylrea (all of Kk Michaell)

Originally chapel mortaged to John Crellin for £150 - on his death Caesar Wattleworth called it in but trustees could only pay £10 - thus borrowed £140 from James Karran of Douglas in 1853

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Peel Centenary Wesley Methodist Chapel 1839


Named from the centenary of the 'foundation' of the Methodist Union by the merger of two societies and of the first Methodist Chapel, the 'New Room' Horsefair Bristol, the foundation stone of which was laid in May 1739 by John Wesley.
Ground includes a number of graves including those of Rev and Mrs Railton. The following is extracted from a letter by Myles C. Dixon (engaged Ramsey & Peel Circuit 1847-49) My coming to Peel was very unexpected; but I hope providential, as the people seem to be very glad. Hitherto the friends have been remarkably kind, and I trust God will bless our labours. We have a very good Chapel built in the Centenary year; and the House is like a Mansion, with a large Garden.

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Two articles in IoM Family History Society Journal cover the burial ground at Peel Athol Street
A Methodist Graveyard (Atholl St Peel) Vol ii No.2 April 1980 pp31-36
More about Methodist Burials at Peel Vol ii No.3 July 1980 pp74-79
(The information in these, plus additional information, is collected in a separate page).

Peel Primitive Methodist Chapel, 1878

Peel (Christian Street)

Closed, recently used as depot for a furnishing company but now [2004/5] converted to apartments within the same building line, but only the facade remains.

The 1906 photo shows it in its previous glory:

[1906 Peel Christian St]

Its organ is now in Jurby parish church.

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