Methodist Chapels in Ramsey

Kee's Garden Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1794

The first chapel building was erected near the old cross on Kee's Garden in 1794 or 1795. Described as 'neat stone building with hard mud floor and seats without backs' - in use for about 15 years.

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Queen Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1812

Ramsey Queen St c.1903

.Opened Christmas Day 1810 as previous chapel found to be too small; at that time the largest chapel on the island with capacity for 450.

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This too became too small by 1840 and when the new chapel in Waterloo Road opened in 1845 continued in use as the Sunday School until 1888. When sold converted into an 'arcade' and demolished in the 1950s.

Waterloo Road Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1846

Waterloo Road

Built by James Callow Snr. First services held 1846.

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Major extension 1882. In 1973 split into upper and lower floors with chapel on the upper floor and a hall/sunday school on the lower.

Ministers: Samuel Taylor, John L. Jones (Waterloo Road), J.Connon.

Circuit Stewards: William Callister, Thornhill; John Corlett,Sulby; John Moore, Lhergy Dhoo, Peel.

Society Stewards: John Kelly, Thomas Crennell.

Chapel Stewards: T. Qulggin, W. Callister.

Trustees: William Callister, Thornhill; James Callow the elder; William Callow, mason; John Kelly, merchant; William Corlett, dealer; Thomas Quiggin, saddler;Thomas Crennell, ironmonger; Edward Kneale, shoemaker; James Callow, jnr., joiner; William Callow,jar., joiner; Daniel Callow, mason; Henry Watterson yeoman; Thomas Cubbon, barber; William Kelly,saddler, Lezaire; John Corlett, Lezaire; John Kneale,Regaby; John Kaighen, yeoman, Jurby; Daniel Garrett, yeoman, Glasgow; John T. Martin, Smeale; Robert Kneale, Jurby.
Centenary Guide F.H.Sutton Centenary Booklet 1946

Strand Street Mission 1889

Strand St Mission c.1903

Yellow brick building designed by J.Kay, built by James Callow and son. Opened Jan 1889. closed 1969

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North Shore Road 1891

North Shore Road

Opened 1891 though didn't appear to have much local support -

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built on land donated by the trustees of the Children's home and funded to a large extent by a legacy from Mr Creer. Closed as chapel 1913 and used as recreation room. Sold in 1960s and now serves as a garage and store

Chapel Lane Primitive (now Independent) Methodist 1835

Chapel Lane Primitive Methodist

Built 1835, by James Callow.

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In 1892 when a new chapel in Parliament Street was completed a split in the congregation led to the old chapel being used by the newly formed Independent Methodists (though an old split from Wesleyanism)

Parliament Street Primitive Methodist Church 1892

Parliament St Primitive Methodist

Designed by Thomas Howgill, Leeds.
Opened 1892 - demolished site now furniture store

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Trustees of PM Ramsey Chapels:

Taken from Minute book of the Ramsey Circuit (Primitive Methodists), 1863--87.
Registry of Trustees of the Chapels in the Ramsey Circuit. [MM MD 12534/1]

Ramsey Chapel

John Kewish, deceased, (Ramsey) Dec 9. 1872, Interred in Ballaugh Church Yard
John Cowin, Ramsey
John Criggall, Ramsey
John James Corlett, Ramsey
Ewan Craine, Ramsey Died Nov. 20th 1879 Interred at Lezayre Church Nov. 24th
George Morrison, Ramsey Died March 5th 1888 Interred in Maughold Church-yard March 8th 1888
Henry Radcliffe, Ramsey Died August 29th 1890 Interred in Braddan Cemetry, [ ? ]
Edward Skillicorn, Ramsey
William Christian, Bride Died Novr 8th 1887, buried in KK Bride Churchyard Novr 12th 1887
William Mylrea, Andreas
Edward Clague, Lezayre, Deceased. May 9th 1875. Interred in Lezayre chuch yard, May 12th 1875.
John Kneale, Douglas.

Trustees for Ramsey New Chapel

John Cowen Ramsey Flour Dealer
Wm Mylrea Andreas Blacksmith
Wm Christian Smeale Farmer Died Novr 8th 1887; buried in KK Bride Church Yard
Ed Christian Bride Farmer
Geo J. Teare Lezayre Farmer
Ed Skillicorn Ramsey Shoe Maker
John J. Corlett Ramsey Mason
Wm Corlett Ramsey Shoe Maker
Jonathan Kelly Michael Farmer
John Cain Regaby Farmer
Andrew Cubbon Postman Ramsey
Henry Hurcomb Master Carter Ramsey
Dan Cleator Mariner Ramsey
Wm A. Stowell Road Surveyor Kerrow Moor Died August 13th 1888, buried in Lezayre Ch-yard
Wm F. Crowe Ramsey Baker
John Radcliffe Ramsey Gardiner

The Above Trust Was disolved prior to opening new chapel - trust formed June 1st 1891;

1891 Ramsey New-Chapel Trustees;

1 John Cowen Ramsey Flour Dealer
2 William Corlett Ramsey Boat and Shoe Factor Bankrupt
3 Andrew Cubbon Ramsey Postman
4 William F. Crowe Ramsey Baker
5 John Radcliffe Ramsey Gardener
6 Thomas Kneale Ramsey Mason
7 William Tate Ramsey Miner
8 William Christian Ramsey Sea Captain died nov. 23rd 1903 buried in Maughold Church Yard
9 Richard Wood Port Lewague Contractor
10 William Corlett Ballaugh Joiner & Builder
11 James Teare Ballaugh Tailor & Farmer
12 Robert Kermeen Ballaugh Tea dealer & Grocer
13 William Mylrea Andreas Smith Dead
14 William Christian Bride Smith
15 John Caine Regaby Farmer
16 John Fellow Fleetwood Joiner &c
17 Henry E. Cretney Ramsey Locomotive Driver


Methodist New Connexion

Ramsey MNC - bought Old Assembly room (now IoM Elec office), Bowring Road in 1890 for £800 from John Mortimer
trustees mostly non -manx then
John Kneale Milntown, Miller
George Lawton Glen Auldyn Woolen Manufacturer
Thomas Lawton same address
Robert Garrett, fisherman
Jame McCormack, plasterer
William Corkish, Fishmonger
Josiah Lawton, Tailor
William Quine Spence, Printer
William Coffey, carter
William Joughin, carter

By 1957 occupied by Electricy Authority as tenants (possibly by 1946 ?

Constance Radcliffe Shining by the Sea A History of Ramsey 1800-1914 pp127/131

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